MicroPort® Celebrates its 19th Anniversary

Shanghai, China - On May 15, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") celebrated its 19th anniversary. Employees watched the flag-raising ceremony in the morning, enjoyed delicious cakes served to them by the management team, and had fun in a dinner party where they were happily singing and dancing to celebrate the company's birthday.
During the flag-raising ceremony, three newly promoted executives escorted the national flag, the regional flag of Hong Kong and the MicroPort® flag to the podium where the three flags were slowly raised together. The three executives said, it is their honor to raise the flags during MicroPort®'s 19th Anniversary. They are appreciated to share the journey with MicroPort® and expressed their best wishes for the company's future development.
Meanwhile, 12 overseas employees coming from MicroPort® subsidiaries in the US, Latin America, Europe and Japan for the 2017 China Exchange Program also took this opportunity to join in the celebration. They were warmly received by Zixin Weng, President of MicroPort® Orthopedics China, who took them to visit the headquarters and MicroPort® subsidiaries to enhance their understanding in the company's business segments. In the evening, they enjoyed a cocktail reception and had face-to-face communication with Chinese colleagues, making them feel they are one of the MicroPort® big family.
MicroPort® also had its 24th annual Family Day on May 15, and employee relatives were invited to visit Self-Experience Center and attend a dinner party to enjoy food and surprising performances by MicroPort® employees. During the evening activities, 38 employees were awarded diamond rings for their ten years diligent service, and some of them shared their ups and downs in the years with MicroPort®. With the favorable results MicroPort® has achieved in the past 19 years, we have the confidence and strength to take the company into a bright new era of greater achievements on a global scale. MicroPort® employees will continue to work together to deliver the best and yet affordable therapeutic solutions to save and reshape lives of millions of people around the world.