MicroPort® Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Shanghai, China - On May 14, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") held its 20th Anniversary Ceremony in Shanghai with over 500 employees and guests coming from all over the world including those from MicroPort® Orthopedics and MicroPort® CRM.
MicroPort® can trace its origin back to May 15, 1998 to a small office at ZJ Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai China. In the past 20 years, a group of dedicated individuals joined together with a common belief that advancements in medical technology could transform and enhance the patients' well-being not just in China but globally. Through years of growth and innovation, MicroPort® has become a premier medical solution provider with over 3,000 issued patents, a global workforce of over 4,500 employees, and over 260 products approved for use in over 5,000 hospitals worldwide. MicroPort® is contributing to a better world through its life-saving medical therapies and quality-improving care devices being used in patients every 12 seconds.
In the ceremony, MicroPort® Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chang delivered a speech "Twenty Years Development, 12 Seconds Achievement: To Strive For Greatness with Minuteness, To Pursue Dreams in Milliseconds", summarizing that the 4,500 employees across the globe are brought together and bound up with the same vision and mission that is to serve worldwide patients and clinicians wholeheartedly with our unique management credo "Eyes for greatness, Hands on details".
Afterwards, several patients and doctors were invited to share their stories about how MicroPort® products changed their life –Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®") relieved a Tibet patient from chest pain and palpitation, Evolution® Medial Pivot Knee System made a 73-year-old lady stand up and walk on her own feet again, La Fenice® Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion Pump helped a young couple have their twin babies.
These high-quality products are resulted from our common belief in the "Hands on details" management credo that is deeply rooted in everyone’s heart and constantly fulfilled in each employee’s daily work. In the ceremony, we awarded several employees for their attitude and behavior reflecting the "Hands on details" credo. Meanwhile, we also recognized more than 20 employees for their over ten years’ service in MicroPort®. In addition, we offered special gifts to the guests who have supported MicroPort® as always on our journey to show our gratitude. The ceremony ended in a banquet and performances by musicians, singers and dancers from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Theatre Academy, and Shanghai Opera House.
Just as Dr. Chang stated in his speech, in the past 20 years, MicroPort® employees embarked on a successful path with constant innovation, and made our products being used every few seconds with our diversification and globalization strategies. The upcoming third 10 years of MicroPort® will be a new era for the company during which we are expected to improve a patients’ wellbeing every few milliseconds. In the fourth 10 years and thereafter, MicroPort® will enter the era of "future" or the era of "greatness" which we have been in persistent pursuit of from the very beginning.
In the future, MicroPort® will continue to carry out the management credo "Eyes for greatness, Hands on details" and stick to innovation and perfection, striving to make a patient oriented global enterprise capable of leading minimally invasive and other emerging medical technologies. With constant effort, we are expected to open a new chapter for MicroPort® together and make the MicroPort® dream "save or reshape at least one life every second" come true.