MicroPort® EP Columbus™ System Attends 2015 Dunhuang EP Tutorial Conference

Recently, the "2015 Dunhuang EP tutorial Conference--Radiofrequency Ablation under 3D Navigation" was held in the First Hospital Affiliated to Lanzhou University. The Professional Committee of EP and Pacing of Gansu Medical Association and Heart Center of the First Hospital Affiliated to Lanzhou University hosted the conference. Professor Yansheng Ding, a famous domestic arrhythmia expert from the First Hospital of Peking University, was invited to attend the meeting as well as several cardiovascular disease experts within Gansu Province. Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co ("MicroPort® EP") participated in the meeting.
The meeting is chaired by Professor Zheng Zhang, director of First Hospital Affiliated to Lanzhou University. The status quo and future development of the treatment of atrial fibrillation were analyzed and the prospects of the future development of the 3D EP Navigation System in the treatment of arrhythmia were also presented. Subsequently, the experts communicated their views and experiences about the working theory of 3D EP Navigation System, a variety of applications in the treatment of arrhythmia and other issues of the application of the technology.
During the meeting, Professor Yansheng Ding had a first hand experience by operating the MicroPort® EP Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System ("Columbus™") by himself. Dr. Qiang Li, Director of First Hospital Affiliated to Lanzhou University, gave comments besides him. As the first domestically developed 3D cardiac electrophysiology based on precise magnetic positioning technology, it is currently the only CE certified domestic system. Professor Ding gave a high evaluation and recognition of the Columbus™, looking forward to its application after enter into the market.
After the meeting, Dr. Qiang Li said that there are very large numbers of atrial fibrillation patients who would need radiofrequency ablation in Gansu Province. The 3D EP Navigation System is the kind of indispensable device for atrial fibrillation. The high price of import system and catheter products has been limiting many patients because of their economic capacity. MicroPort® EP Columbus™ System and ancillary products from the electrophysiology market undoubtedly bring more benefit to the patients with complex arrhythmia.