MicroPort® Completed the First Distant Interactive Surgery in the Field of Coronary Interventional Treatment

Shanghai, China—On December 16, 2015, one PCI operation was operated in Kunshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangsu Province. The operation was broadcasted in MicroPort® "Zhile" Hall, transmitted back to Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") via "MicroPort® Online" through the 4G wireless network.
Professor Weiyi Fang from Thoracic Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University watched the operation live in the hall. Through audio and video interaction, professor Fang discussed the surgery with the surgical team of Kunshan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor Fang was giving guidance on operation strategy on-site, and he introduced the application techniques of coronary balloon and stent, including how to control the timing. The operation completed successfully. It was the first time MicroPort® used "MicroPort® Online Platform" to carry out a distant medical treatment in the field of coronary intervention collar, which was a milestone of significant importance.
The distant interactive guidance for the operation not only achieved the purpose of accurate treatment, but also shared the medical resources and medical staff. After surgery, professor Fang discussed with Dr. Zhaohua Chang, the chairman and CEO of MicroPort®, Mr. Bo Peng, the chief marketing officer, Mr. Lei Jiang, the vice president of marketing of the coronary artery, Dr. Chengyun Le, the vice president of planning and project management and Mr. Yi Sun, the senior director of IT department, regarding MicroPort®'s positive response to the national policy of supporting county level hospitals.
They hoped that the "MicroPort® Online" can continue to enrich the distant medical operation. MicroPort®'s mature medical resources will help to establish fixed-point centers around the county hospital, to set public platform to provide distant medical services, to promote the sustainable development of the level of intervention surgery in county level hospitals.
"MicroPort® Online" was officially launched in October 2015. It had already successfully distantly broadcasted a SuperPath™ surgical guidance carried out in Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. This time the broadcast was still carried out via the 4G network mobile professional broadcast equipment, through the cloud server real-time to upload and download the signal of operation room's equipment, and to achieve audio and video interaction in broadcast mode.
The success of the operation means MicroPort® has already had the technical ability of online distant medical treatment. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to use the features of the techniques, promote the use of telemedicine in county level hospitals and increase the ability of medical services in primary hospital.