MicroPort® Coronary Balloon Dilation Catheters Firefighter™ and Firefighter™ NC Approved for Marketing in Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia, 21 November 2021 - Recently, Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheter (Firefighter™) and Firefighter™ NC PTCA Balloon Catheter (Firefighter™ NC), developed by Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (MicroPort®), a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation, have been approved for marketing in Colombia by the National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance (INVIMA).

Made with flexible material and boasting one of the smallest profile diameters in the industry for balloon pass-through, Firefighter™ provides superior ability to traverse stenotic and tortuous lesions multiple times. Its extremely small size design allows for two balloon catheters to fit inside a 5F guiding catheter, making it easier for surgeons to perform complicated procedures, such as the kissing balloon procedure.

Following its predecessor, Foxtrot™ NC, the Firefighter™ NC is a new generation of high-pressure resistant and rapid exchange balloon dilatation catheters. The outer surface of the catheter is coated with a hydrophilic polymer from the front and rear attachment points to the distal end of the product. This reduces friction on the surface of the catheter when combined with water during surgery, thereby facilitating the catheter’s delivery into and across lesions. This product is suitable for balloon dilation of coronary artery stenosis sites or coronary bypass bridge stenosis sites to improve myocardial perfusion and also for post-balloon dilation of stents after their implantation.

The approval for marketing of Firefighter™ and Firefighter™ NC further broadens the coronary product line of MicroPort® in Colombia. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to introduce more innovative, high-quality, and high-end medical devices into overseas markets, so that comprehensive disease treatment solutions can be provided to more patients worldwide.

About Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (MicroPort®), is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock code: 00853.HK). Founded in 1998, MicroPort® places emphasis on the human dimension while integrating the pursuit of perfection and innovation into the corporate DNA. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to pursue an innovative, people-centered culture to provide patients and physicians around the world with high-end medical devices and integrated solutions.