MicroPort® CRM Announces Change in Strategic Direction for Japan CRM Market and End of Distribution Agreement with JLL in One Year's Time

Shanghai, China – August 30, 2018. MicroPort® CRM announces today a change in strategic direction for the CRM market in Japan. With its Japan distributor Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. ("JLL"), the parties have agreed to end its distribution agreement for the Japan market in one year's time on August 31, 2019. This strategic decision impacts patients, clinicians, hospital customers and employees. As such, both MicroPort® CRM and JLL are committed to working with its key stakeholders to minimize any potential disruptions.
Both MicroPort® CRM and JLL commit to current and prospective patients, clinicians and hospitals that there will be uninterrupted service and products available to all patients and hospitals. As it has for the previous 11 years, JLL will continue to service MicroPort® CRM patients until August 31, 2019. After August 31, 2019, MicroPort® CRM will take over commercializing the MicroPort® CRM portfolio of products in Japan. Importantly, all patients implanted with MicroPort® CRM pacemaker and ICD devices (formerly LivaNova and previous to that Sorin) will be able to continue their follow-up with MicroPort® CRM after August 31, 2019.
On April 30, 2018, MicroPort® CRM formally closed its acquisition of the CRM business from LivaNova PLC.
For patients and clinicians in Japan, please contact your local JLL representative for additional information.