MicroPort® CRM Announces First Implants of Eno™ and Teo™, World's Smallest 1.5T & 3T MRI Conditional Pacemakers*

Clamart, France – January 23rd, 2019 - MicroPort® CRM (a business unit of MicroPort Scientific Corporation), is pleased to announce the first implants of its new pacemaker families Eno™ and Teo™.
The first worldwide Eno™ implant took place in Clinique La Source, Lausanne, Switzerland. "We see how elderly patients currently need imaging, and it's really nice to have 3T MR-conditional devices," commented Dr. Reverdin, who performed the implantation. "The product features automatic MRI programming which is practical for patients and physicians, and will potentially reduce the costs generated by in-hospital workflows."
The first Teo™ implants were performed by Dr. Schouwink at Katharinen-Hospital Unna, Germany. "The fact that the pacemaker is so small really has many advantages," said Dr. Georg Nölker, head of the cardiology department at Katharinen-Hospital Unna. "Patients who are younger and thin will particularly tolerate the therapy better - psychologically and physically."
All models of these new pacemaker families feature AutoMRI™ technology, allowing patients implanted with compatible leads to undergo MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans in either 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla machines. AutoMRI™ automatically switches in and out of MRI mode upon detection of the MR field, ensuring appropriate pacemaker operation during the scan and allowing patients to benefit from optimal pacing settings right up to and just after the scan.
The new pacemaker portfolio also features:
- Phi Intelligence™: a permanent adaptive pacing strategy that responds to all levels of patient activity, day and night, evolving and learning with the patient's conditions in order to mimic the natural way the heart works, minimizing artificial intervention.
- AF Risk Management™: a unique combination of features that helps physicians to accurately detect Atrial Fibrillation (AF), minimize ventricular pacing and screen for sleep apnea so as to protect patients from developing AF.
- Preset Fit™: a set of capabilities including precision programming calibrated through clinical experience and designed to facilitate the implant procedure and device follow up.

*Transvenous cardiac pacing systems.

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