Microport® announces the First Patients Enrolled in the European TARGET FIRST Clinical Trial of the Firehawk™ Coronary Stent

Clamart, France – June 3rd, 2021 – MicroPort® CRM today announced the first enrollments in the European TARGET FIRST trial – a prospective, randomized, controlled, multi-centre clinical trial involving 2200 patients from up to 50 clinical centers in Europe. The trial aims to evaluate that a shorter dual antiplatelet therapy, combined with the unique characteristics of the FirehawkTM stent, is a reliable option in patients with acute myocardial infarction.

FirehawkTM is a drug-eluting stent using a biodegradable polymer, with a proprietary design whereby tiny recessed grooves have been etched on the outer surface (abluminal side) of the stent struts. The drug (Rapamycin) and the biodegradable polymer are only present in these grooves. This design is associated with the lowest drug density (0.3 μg / mm2) and ensures drug release 90% in just 90 days.

Prof. Giuseppe Tarantini, from University Hospital of Padova, Italy, and principal investigator of the study, said, “Prolonged dual antiplatelet therapy may be associated with a higher risk of bleeding and increased cost. This very exciting study is designed to bring a new and reliable strategy for our acute patients. The novelty of the trial lies in the combination of all the following aspects: FirehawkTM stent, shortened antiplatelet therapy, acute patients and complete revascularisation. The FirehawkTM stent has an important potential impact on patient outcomes, as it has been designed for fast healing and should reduce the risk of late adverse events and the need for prolonged dual antiplatelet therapy.”

The scientific board of the study features Prof. G. Tarantini, Prof. Peter Smits, from the Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Prof. Guillaume Cayla, from the University Hospital in Nîmes, France. Dr Grégoire Rangé and his team, from Chartres Hospital, France, enrolled the first patient in the study, followed closely by Professor Guillaume Cayla's team.

The TARGET FIRST clinical trial builds on other studies in the TARGET series. The FirehawkTM stent has been extensively studied in over 2,000 patients in the comprehensive TARGET clinical program, including the most recent TARGET All Comers trial. The TARGET FIRST trial is also one of the most important series shorter dual antiplatelet therapy trials of FirehawkTM stent include TARGET SAFE, TARGET DAPT Trial.

“The launch of the TARGET FIRST clinical trial is an important milestone for MicroPort®,” said Amel Amblard, VP Clinical Affairs at MicroPort CRM. “This trial will continue to enrich the clinical data already available on the FirehawkTM stent and confirms our commitment to strengthen advanced treatment options for physicians and patients”.

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