MicroPort Donated 100 Sets of Coronary Stent System to the Tibetan Region

Recently, MicroPort donated 100 sets of coronary stent system to the First People's Hospital of Tibet. The signing ceremony chaired by Secretary-general Mr. Haigang Chen of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, was held in the Broadway Mansions Hotel (Shanghai), with Messers Xiaoming Zhu and Taitong Zhou, Vice-Chairmen of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee; Pasang Dondrub, the Standing Committee of the CPC Tibet Autonomous Regional Party Committee, Secretary of the CPPCC Tibetan Committee, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Tibetan Committee; Jiare Luosangdanzeng, Vice-Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and Salong Pingla, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Tibetan Committee attended.
Dr. Zhaohua Chang, Chairman of MicroPort, who is also a member of the national committee of CPPCC, expressed desire of the company to help the Tibetan farmers and herdsmen in the Tibet Autonomous Region suffering cardiovascular disease. The deputy president of the recipient hospital Gesang Luobu presented Dr. Chang a Khatag to show their gratitude, promising that they would make good use of these stents to benefit the impoverished patients appropriate for treatment.