MicroPort® Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai General Hospital

Shanghai, China – On December 12, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai General Hospital to jointly build a Center for Researches on Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies, during a ceremony held at Shanghai General Hospital to celebrate the establishment of a clinical institute and the inauguration of the National Center for Clinical Researches on Eye Diseases. MicroPort® Greater China Executive Committee Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Bo Peng and MicroPort® First Vice President, Technological Innovation and New Business Model Development, Mr. Xiang He attended the agreement signing ceremony. Mr. Bo Peng and Shanghai General Hospital President Mr. Xingdong Zheng signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively.

Shanghai General Hospital boasts nine national key disciplines (departments). The hospital, which is characterized with focuses on ophthalmology, urology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, hematology, cardiology and respiratory, has achieved a series of internationally or domestically leading cutting-edge procedures and frontier clinical researches up until now. It is targeting to build a diagnostic and therapeutic center specialized in certain departments and diseases with a focus on the treatment of challenging, acute and serious diseases. The entry of MicroPort® into the agreement with Shanghai General Hospital stipulated that the two parties would jointly build the Center for Researches on Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies on the basis of the disciplines such as strong partnership, complementary resources, win-win cooperation, joint talent cultivation and joint clinical development. The close cooperation of the two parties would revolve around the following areas - validation of medical innovative concepts, development of medical engineering technologies, development of medical robots, medical big data and artificial intelligence, assessment of healthcare technologies, and transfers and incubation of research results, so as to promote pre-research of innovative medical concepts, explore development of high-end medical equipment, implement pre-clinical validation of product, and conduct discussions and scientific exchanges in various forms.

During the signing ceremony, MicroPort® Greater China Executive Committee Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Bo Peng said that the ability to innovate in the medical device industry is the ability to survive and the concept validation is a brand new organizational model for innovation. MicroPort® will proactively create an integrated path for medical device products from idea collection, integrated product development to clinical application. The Center for Researches on Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies that would be jointly built by MicroPort® and Shanghai General Hospital would add new impetus to the innovative development of medical devices in China.

Shanghai General Hospital President Mr. Xingdong Zheng said that the newly established Center for Medical Artificial Intelligence and Intersecting Research and Development of Doctors and Engineers, which is included in the clinical institute, would proactively build contact with researchers and developers to provide a platform for the intersecting researches of doctors and engineers, build an innovation consortium and achieve precise commercialization.

MicroPort® has always given top priority to research and development and independent innovation in its growth. MicroPort® also puts special focus on development cooperation that is oriented to clinical needs, as several high-end devices of MicroPort® have resulted from collisions of thoughts and close cooperation between development engineers and clinicians. In the future, MicroPort® will relentlessly promote the cooperation between doctors and engineers to develop innovative products and continuously nurture an outstanding and open environment for innovation to provide patients with the integrated therapeutic solutions that are more accessible and made in China with intelligence.