MicroPort EP Exhibiting at the Heart Rhythm Society Annual Meeting

New Orleans, USA, 9 June 2023 - Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd. (MicroPort EP) recently participated in the Heart Rhythm Society Annual Scientific Sessions 2023 (HRS 2023) in New Orleans, USA. This marked the first opportunity for MicroPort EP, in the American market, to showcase the latest Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System V3 and the comprehensive electrophysiology solutions. The exhibition attracted nearly 100 experts and physicians from over 20 countries, including the United States, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Japan.

During the exhibition, MicroPort EP presented the comprehensive EP solutions, including the Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System V3, along with its accompanying FireMagic™ TrueForce™ Ablation Catheter, FireMagic™ PreciSense™ 3D Microelectrode Ablation Catheter, EasyStars™ High Density Mapping Catheter, FireMagic™ 3D Irrigated RF Ablation Catheter, EasyFinder™ 3D Steerable Diagnostic Catheter, EasyLoop™ 3D Circular Mapping Catheter, PathBuilder™ Transseptal Guiding Introducer and Needle, and the IceMagic™ Cryoablation Catheter full series of products in development.

MicroPort® CRM shared an 83m2 stand with MicroPort EP, providing the opportunity to showcase the latest developments in electrophysiology. These products include the new version of the Columbus 3D EP Navigation System and the Contact Force Sensing RF Ablation Catheter. MicroPort® CRM was also able to announce US approval of the complete Brady System, including the Alizea and Celea Bluetooth pacemakers, as well as the SmartView Connect Remote Monitoring App and Vega pacing lead, which obtained FDA clearance for these products on May 17, two days before the start of the congress.

As a Chinese company providing a comprehensive solution of 3D cardiac electrophysiology equipment and consumables, MicroPort EP attracted experts and physicians from more than 20 countries, including the United States, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Argentina. Dr. Jose Luis Merino, President of the European Heart Rhythm Association, also visited the booth and exchanged views on MicroPort EP's latest products and technological applications.

The EP exhibition team conducted live demonstrations of products such as the Columbus™ V3 System, TrueForce™ Ablation Catheter, EasyStars™ Mapping Catheter, and IceMagic™ Cryoablation Catheter. This was the first time that MicroPort EP presented the latest Columbus™ V3 System in the American market. International EP experts experienced the precision and stability of the Columbus™ system's multi-electrode mapping and real-time transparent modeling, praising its user-friendly interface and real-time, accurate, and stable force feedback of the new TrueForce™ Ablation Catheter. The FDA-approved EasyFinder™ Fixed Curve Diagnostic Catheter and PathBuilder™ Transseptal Kit also received significant attention for their excellent performance in mapping diagnosis and curve bending torqueablity.

The attending experts showed a strong interest in MicroPort EP's new products, including the EasyStars™ Mapping Catheter, IceMagic™ CryoAblation Catheter, and the bidirectional PreciSense™ 3D Microelectrode Ablation Catheter. They recognized the excellent maneuverability, high-precision manufacturing, mechanical structure, and design aesthetics of the catheters, leading to in-depth discussions on the importance of product design. The experts praised the EasyStars™ Mapping Catheter for its excellent maneuverability in accessing small cardiac branches. They found the design of the PreciSense™ 3D Microelectrode Ablation Catheter, with four microelectrodes evenly distributed on the side and top of the catheter, particularly purposeful. Special attention was given to the bidirectional adjustable-curve design of the IceMagic™ steerable guiding sheath set and the real-time display of cryoablation information on the balloon handle. EP experts from various countries appreciated MicroPort EP's rapid product development speed and expressed their anticipation to start using these new products as soon as possible.

To date, MicroPort EP products have been exported to more than 30 countries. In the future, MicroPort EP will continue to build a differentiated product portfolio and expand its global reach, offering comprehensive solutions for diagnosis and therapy of EP interventions to more patients and doctors worldwide.