MicroPort EverPace Completes the First Batch of Clinical Applications of FireMagic™ TrueForce™ Ablation Catheter in Europe

Spain, Poland & Greece, 11 January 2024 — Recently, FireMagic TrueForce Ablation Catheter (TrueForce Ablation Catheter), developed by MicroPort EverPace, successfully completed its first batch of procedures in Europe. It demonstrated its leading technology and superior performance in the treatment of arrhythmias in EU countries, including Spain, Poland, and Greece.

Dr. José Luis Merino Llorens, president of the European Heart Rhythm Association and an eminent electrophysiology expert at La Paz University Hospital in Spain, led his team in the successful treatments for Aortomitral Continuity (AMC) origin ventricular premature beats and a case of recurrent atrial fibrillation, using the Columbus 3D EP Navigation System V3 (Columbus System V3), TrueForce Ablation Catheter, and other products in the series.

In the AMC origin ventricular premature beats procedure, Professor Merino used the TrueForce Ablation Catheter, skillfully navigating the aortic retrograde path to position in the left ventricular outflow tract and aortic sinus, and during the crossing from the aortic valve to the AMC and mitral annulus, he performed high-precision modeling and marking. The precise numerical feedback and excellent bending performance of the TrueForce Ablation Catheter enhanced the safety of the procedure. After the procedure, Dr. Yiyong Sun, president of MicroPort EverPace, engaged in a detailed video discussion with Professor Merino.

In the recurrent atrial fibrillation treatment, Professor Merino used the TrueForce Ablation Catheter with the Columbus system's RTM feature to construct a three-dimensional model of the left atrium in an accurate and timeous manner. After precisely marking the left atrial appendage using the RTM Toolbar's anatomical annotation function, the ridge structures were clearly displayed, which was important for the ablation of the left-sided pulmonary vein ridges. As the patient had previously undergone atrial fibrillation pulmonary vein isolation procedure, Professor Merino used the EasyLoop catheter to examine the electrical conduction of the four pulmonary veins. During pacing from the coronary sinus catheter, he used the TrueForceAblation Catheter to locate and ablate pulmonary vein leakage points. Throughout the ablation process, Professor Merino experienced and appreciated the Smart Label automatic point-taking feature of the Columbus System V3, when combined with the real-time distance measurement function of the pressure catheter tip, which allows for more precise automatic marking of ablation points and enhances the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

TrueForce Ablation Catheter got approval in China in December 2022, followed by obtaining CE certification and UKCA certification in August 2023. The successful completion of these procedures has laid a solid and significant foundation for the product’s expansion into the European market.

About MicroPort EverPace

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