MicroPort's FireMagic Ablation Catheter Trial Achieved Interim Results

At 18: 00 on December 14, MicroPort Medical threw a dinner party to celebrate its interim results of FireMagic ablation catheter trial. Chairman Chang Zhaohua and the top management attended the party and toasted for the latest progress in EP project.
EP catheter R&D Director Nie Honglin presided over the party. Dr. Liu Daozhi, Vice President of MicroPort Research Center narrated the achievements made since the establishment of EP project team, and reported the general progress of FireMagic ablation catheter project. Mr. Xu Yimin, Vice President in charge of clinical issues and registration, reported that FireMagic ablation catheter trial had completed the selection of 135 patients, and that the trial had achieved an important interim result. Chief Marketing Officer Wang Li, Chief Technology Officer Luo Qiyi and Chief Financial Officer Dai Weili made separate speeches on the significance of the trial's interim result and hoped that EP project would make continued efforts to meet bigger challenges and attain new achievements. Chairman Chang Zhaohua stated in the summary speech that the progress made by FireMagic ablation catheter project was an amazing step in the diversification process of MicroPort medical products. He also hoped that all the staff should encourage one another to bring into play creativity and imagination and try to make more breakthroughs in future work to build MicroPort Medical into a truly diversified medical instruments group.
MicroPort EP Project Team was founded in August 2006 and developed the first ablation catheter in October that year. In August 2007, the first clinical trial was conducted in Beijing Anzhen Hospital affiliated to Capital University of Medical Sciences, and the selection of 135 clinical cases in total had been completed by December 14, 2007. The clinical trial program was undertaken by six domestic hospitals with great influence in EP catheter ablation surgery, i.e., Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Jiangsu People's Hospital, General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University, Xiangya No.2 Hospital affiliated to Central South University and First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University. EP project formed good partnership with electrophysiology experts during implementation of clinical trials, and achieved satisfactory results, thus laying a solid foundation for subsequent marketing of the product and the research & development of atrial fibrillation and ablation products.