MicroPort Hold its First Medical Equipment Quality Forum in Shanghai

Nov 24, 2012: Shanghai Medical Equipment Quality Forum was held successfully at MicroPort. The theme of the forum this year was "Synergy & Progress". The forum aims for participants to learn from each other, discuss, cooperate and make progress, bringing together industry specialists and 'enterprise excellence' representatives to share knowledge and 'know how'. The forum was host by MicroPort Vice President of Quality, Mr. Shengqiang Wang and the President Ms. Yan Zhang made a statement and gave an inaugural address.
The forum's main topics of discussion included specialists from various industry backgrounds, sharing their experiences of how to successfully introduce products into the market, with a focus on compliance with domestic and international rules, laws and regulations. The emphasis on quality issues but market trends were also discussed. Dr. Gang Yang, Head at Crosby (China), Mr. Yimin Xu, Vice President of Register and Clinical at MicroPort, Dr. Kawamura, Consultant at Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Mr Xinggang Xu, Vice President of Improve Medical, all made presentations on the topic of "Quality Innovation", "Changes of external regulations in the environment and countermeasures", "International requirements of medical equipment quality control" and "Main findings and countermeasures of FDA reviewing China medical equipment enterprises" respectively. In other topics, representatives from medical equipment enterprises were invited to share and discuss their experience of quality management and assurance systems, equipment and material analysis and evaluation, and product cleanliness control.
This was the first Quality Forum hosted by any enterprise in the medical device industry sector. Mr. Shengqiang Wang said: "We are trying to improve the communication among enterprises to share our experience and knowledge. We also expect to make contribution to quality development in China medical devices industry through this forum."