MicroPort® Holds a Symposium on Firehawk® Clinical Progress at Taiwan Transcatheter Therapeutics

Taipei, China —The annual Taiwan Transcatheter Therapeutics (TTT) meeting was held from January 9-10, 2021 at the International Conference Center of National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, China. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, TTT 2021 was held as an online-offline hybrid event, gathering participants from all over the world to virtually participate at the main venue in Taipei for an in-depth exchange of updates on the current development and clinical needs in the field of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in their respective countries.

During TTT 2021, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (“MicroPort®”) held a satellite symposium on the clinical progress of the Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System (Firehawk®), where three professors from Beijing, Hong Kong and South Korea shared their clinical experiences of Firehawk® and recent clinical research studies.

As a brand new generation of medical devices developed by MicroPort® for the treatment of coronary artery stenosis, occlusion and other lesions, Firehawk® adopts a novel concept of dose safety, with close to 600 grooves evenly cut on the hair-thin CoCr alloy stent surface facing the vessel wall, allowing for precisely-targeted drug delivery.

At the symposium, Professor Bo Xu of National Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, National Center of Cardiovascular Diseases, shared his three-year results of the clinical study, ‘Firehawk® TARGET All Comers.’ Results show that patients using the Firehawk® Stent have a lower rate of TLF (target lesion failure) and a lower incidence of patient-oriented composite events (POCE, i.e., all-cause death, all strokes, all myocardial infarctions, or all revascularization events). They also show a lower rate of in-stent thrombosis beyond one year, which is conducive to avoiding the high risk of thrombosis associated with prolonged use of dual antibiotics.

Prof. Seung-Woon RHA from Guro Hospital of Korea University presented the features of Firehawk® Stent to the experts and doctors in the symposium, and shared the results of a clinical trial of Firehawk® Stent conducted in South Korea under his leadership. Prof. RHA fully acknowledged the easy-to-operate feature of the Firehawk® Stent, which is available in a variety of specifications.

Professor Lee Kang Yin from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong shard a robotic-assisted PCI procedure in which he implanted the MicroPort® Firehawk® Stent in a patient’s left circumflex (90% stenotic level).

The online symposium not only brought to light the wide application of the Firehawk® Stent in different lesions, but also promoted academic exchanges in cardiology between experts in Beijing, Hong Kong, and South Korea. In addition, experts and professors from different countries and regions contributed their valuable experience to the body of knowledge on coronary intervention therapy by sharing their own clinical trials and studies. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to take an active part in worldwide academic exchange, and remain dedicated to benefiting more patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.