MicroPort® Holds 2020 Annual General Meeting in Shanghai

Shanghai, China – MicroPort Scientific Corporation (the "Company", or "MicroPort®") held the 2020 Annual General Meeting (the "Meeting") at its headquarters on June 18. Dr. Zhaohua Chang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, attended the Meeting at the headquarters. Mr. Norihiro Ashida, Mr. Hiroshi Shirafuji and Mr. Hongliang Yu, who are Non-executive Directors of the Company, joined in the Meeting by videoconference, as did Mr. Guoen Liu, Mr. Jonathan Chou and Mr. Chunyang Shao, who are Independent Non-executive Directors of the Company. Representation of KPMG, auditor of MicroPort®,was also present at the Meeting. Dr. Zhaohua Chang presided over the Meeting. In accordance with the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the Articles of Association, the shareholders and shareholder agents of MicroPort® decided by poll on the 11 ordinary resolutions that had been set out in the notice of the Meeting. All the resolutions were passed with a majority of the shares with voting rights that were owned by the attending shareholders and shareholder agents.

At the Meeting, Dr. Zhaohua Chang, MicroPort® Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Bo Peng, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Martin Sun, Chief Operating Officer Ms. Glendy Wang, Chief Technology Officer Mr. Qiyi Luo, and Chief International Business Officer Mr. Jonathan Chen, as well as Mr. Lei Jiang, who is Senior Vice President, China Coronary Domestic Sales and Marketing, answered the questions from shareholders and shareholder agents.