MicroPort® Holds 2016 Efficiency Meeting

Shanghai, China – On November 11, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") held the 2016 Efficiency Meeting – Distribution Channel Management Review in its Shanghai headquarters. MicroPort® management team and horizontal organization heads attended the meeting.
The meeting covered subjects including the efficiency of the distribution channels/distributors, performance analysis, and improvement suggestions. MicroPort® Vice President of International Business Dr. Linda Lin shared MicroPort®'s achievements in improving the performance and efficiency of its distribution channels/distributors. The attendees had in-depth discussions regarding each subject and offered solutions to tackle problems and difficulties in the daily work to improve MicroPort®'s distribution channel management, through the work of joint councils and joint efforts.
MicroPort® Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Zhaohua Chang delivered the closing speech for the meeting, and made an overall arrangement for MicroPort®'s distribution channel management and further improvement to drive the company's future development.