MicroPort® Holds Singapore LIVE 2022 Satellite Session on Complex Lesions

Singapore, 10 February 2022, - Singapore LIVE 2022, an Asian academic conference in the field of cardiac intervention, was held virtually recently. Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (MicroPort®) participated in the conference and held a satellite session on the topic of chronic total occlusion (CTO) and complex lesions in the coronary arteries. Singapore LIVE has been organized by the National Heart Centre of Singapore (NHCS) for over 30 years.

During the conference, Prof. Andreas Baumbach from Barts Heart Centre, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, shared the four-year results of TARGET AC and the one-year results of TARGET CTO. The four-year follow-up results of TARGET AC demonstrated the long-term safety and efficacy of Firehawk® rapamycin target eluting coronary stent system (Firehawk®). The TLF (target lesion failure) rates of the Firehawk® treatment group and the group treated with Abbott's XIENCE cobalt-chromium everolimus-eluting metal stents were 14.6% and 13.7%, respectively, in the fourth year post-procedure (P=0.62), indicating no significant difference between the two groups.

In addition, according to the TARGET CTO one-year results, Firehawk® SES showed non-inferior results compared with XIENCE Family EES for in-stent late lumen loss. Firehawk® SES also showed non-inferior results for TLF, TVF (target vessel failure), and clinical indicated TLR (clinically indicated target lesion revascularization ratio), all of which were significantly lower than those of XIENCE Family EES in the same period and suggested a trend toward better outcomes.

The presence of MicroPort® at Singapore LIVE 2022 allowed for international experts to learn about the successful application of Firehawk® stents in complex lesions, providing academic support for the market penetration of MicroPort® products in the Asia-Pacific region. Prof. Bin Zhang from China’s Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital shared his techniques in treating chronic total occlusion (CTO), emphasizing that careful study of the imaging leads to better selection of the reverse path and improved CTO success rate. Also, Prof. Bin Zhang shared a CTO case with the audience, during which he noted that due to their excellent performance, Firehawk® stent is a great choice in complex lesions.

Additionally, Prof. Anek Kanoksilp from the Central Chest Institute in Thailand shared a case of CTO plus bifurcation where multiple Firehawk® stents were used. He commented, "The cell diameter of Firehawk® stents works well for operations in different bifurcation lesions."

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