MicroPort® Holds the 7th Sports Meeting

Shanghai, China – On November 5, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") held its 7th sports meeting in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Sports Center, and over 400 employees including the management team participated in the games. With various kinds of innovative games, the sports meeting "Keeping Running, MicroPort®" demonstrated MicroPort®'s unique culture of cooperation and aspiration.
In the opening ceremony, the athletes who represented MicroPort®'s departments, subsidiaries and horizontal organizations, entered the arena in the form of nine squares to show MicroPort® staff's vigor and energy. Saluting with eyes, all the athletes watched the national flag and the company flag rising in a solemn ceremony. Afterwards, MicroPort® Chief Human Resources Officer Junder Chiang made an opening speech for the sports meeting. The athlete representative and the judge representative took an oath on behalf of all the athletes and judges. Ten torchbearers consisted of MicroPort® staff representatives and senior managers participated in the torch relay, which symbolled passing on the mission from one shoulder to another with a permanently advancing strength.
The sports meeting had five categories of events including athletics, ball games, individual fun games, team fun games, and classic team games. In some athletics events like running, long jump, shot put, and badminton match, the athletes were divided into man group and woman group. There were also mixed sports such as tug of war. In the 100-, 200-, 1500-meter-races, competitions were extremely fierce – once the gun was fired, participants threw themselves forward from the starting line like arrows. Dribbling, passing, shooting - in ball games, the players executed the whole actions rapidly and elegantly. In the team games, the participants showed their teamwork spirit by working together to achieve the goal. Shiny with sweat, these athletes made out all the efforts for the honor, accompanied by the roar and the applause of the crowd. In addition, employees and their relatives enjoyed fun games including shooting competition and "the hare and the tortoise" race, making the playground a place full of chatter and laughter.
After intense competition, the teams of MicroPort® Surgical Robot, MicroPort® EP, MicroPort® Lifesciences respectively won the first place in the tug of war, men's 4*100 relay, women's 4*100 relay. In the award ceremony, winners of individual and team prizes shared with their fellows the pleasure and honor of obtaining the awards by cooperation and hard work. The sports meeting is a traditional event of MicroPort®, aiming to enrich the staff's leisure time, develop a harmonious campus culture and enhance corporate internal cohesion. MicroPort® hopes that its staff could establish positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle, and continuously harbor the love and pursuit for the career related to people's well-being, to work and live wholeheartedly with a healthy body.