MicroPort® Hosts Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Shanghai, China – From September 18 to September 20, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") hosted the 2017 MicroPort® Supply Chain Innovation Summit in its headquarters. With the theme "Focus and Innovation," the conference aims to promote the strategic cooperation between MicroPort® and the suppliers while enhancing mutual communications on technical innovation. More than 200 people from about 100 suppliers attended the meeting to seek for marketing opportunities and win-win strategies.
In the beginning, representatives of MicroPort® and the suppliers respectively delivered speeches to go through the cooperation between each other and review the fruitful achievements in the partnership. Meanwhile, Yaomin Wang, MicroPort® Senior Director of Purchasing introduced the "MicroPort® Magic School" as a highlight. Initiated by MicroPort®, the "MicroPort® Magic School" attracted nearly 100 experts and engineers from MicroPort® and its suppliers to join in as members. In the future, the school will organize periodical online and offline technical exchanges to provide platforms for suppliers to display their new products and new technologies, as well as offer solutions to the difficulties in the R&D process with collective efforts. Besides, up to date, the MicroPort® Material Collecting and Experiencing Center has collected over 100 kinds of bio-medical materials provided its long-term suppliers with the hope of inspiring the R&D engineers – by touching the materials, creative ideas may pop up in their heads and eventually lead to great innovation.
Afterwards, MicroPort® gave out five awards – "Best Supplier Award," "Best Innovation Award," "Best Quality Award," "Best Competitiveness Award," and "Best Service Award," to show its gratitude to the contributions these suppliers made to MicroPort®'s sustainable development. The award-winning suppliers said they will maintain the close and strategic partnership with MicroPort® to pursue mutual benefit and win-win development.
The main aim of the congress is to enhance the mutual understanding and cooperation between the suppliers and MicroPort®. On September 18, MicroPort® hosted Medical Material and Equipment Symposium which gathered five famous overseas material/equipment suppliers and MicroPort® engineers from different projects to exchange ideas on related products and projects. Meanwhile, MicroPort® organized 18 innovative technical exchanges during the congress, enabling MicroPort® R&D employees and process engineers to have open communication with technical engineers of the suppliers. In addition, MicroPort® held the roundtable dialogue with the suppliers to discuss the development trend of the company's artificial intelligence and mobile healthcare service, which provided the attendees with ample inspiration in how to further improve company service and deepen mutual cooperation.
On September 20, eight innovative projects of MicroPort® and suppliers were presented during the “2017 MicroPort® International Maker Space Roadshow" activity. Haitou Federation and Zhejiang University School of Biomedical Engineering were invited as the guests, and Jiuyou Fund, School of Management of Fudan University, Kunwu Jiuding Capital, DFJ, and other investors also attended the activity. Followed a detailed presentation of each project, there was an expert review session for attendees to get a deeper understanding in the projects. The concept of MicroPort® International Maker Space and its future activity plans attracted wide attention from the attendees.
The three-day congress enhanced the suppliers' understanding in MicroPort® and promoted mutual communications, laying a solid foundation for closer cooperation. In the wake of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation," MicroPort® will draw a new blueprint with the suppliers for bilateral collaborations.