MicroPort Hosts Symposium on Firehawk During EuroPCR 2014

Paris, France – 29 May, 2014 – MicroPort Scientific Corporation ("MicroPort") recently organized a symposium on Firehawk at the EuroPCR 2014 in Paris.
The symposium, entitled "The novel Firehawk® DES platform: Enable Safety and Efficacy by Target Eluting Technology," revealed the Firehawk preclinical study, the clinic design of Target Eluting Stent system, as well as MicroPort's latest relevant research results. MicroPort was proud to present details of the safety and efficacy of Firehawk and the Target Eluting Technology, which was received positively by the large audience in attendance.
The symposium was hosted by Martin B. Leon, Director of Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy with Columbia University Medical Center, and Bo Xu, Director of Intervention Catheter Department with the Fuwai Hospital. Both participated in and contributed to the Firehawk clinical studies.
Several experts on cardiovascular diseases, including Runlin Gao, Chief Expert of Cardiology Department with the Fuwai Hospital, Shaoliang Chen, Director of Cardiology Department with Nanjing First Hospital and Dr. R. Virmani, an internationally renowned cardiovascular pathologist, delivered speeches during the symposium.