MicroPort® Hosts the Opening Ceremony of the 7th Aorta intervention International Forum

Shanghai, China - On August 15, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®") hosted the opening ceremony of the 7th Aorta intervention International Forum in its Shanghai headquarters, and several surgeons and distributors from Brazil and Argentina attended the event. The forum will be held in three cities of China including Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha, with one-week academic exchange.
Dr. Linda Lin, Vice President of MicroPort® International Business Department, delivered the opening speech for the forum. She briefed the overview of MicroPort®'s history, business segments, and future development plan with emphasis on its globalization strategy and its international business development. She also reviewed the efforts MicroPort® made in medical education, and expressed her expectation to work with surgeons to promote the development of aorta interventional therapy, so as to provide more advanced solutions to patients.
Afterwards, the surgeons and distributors from South America visited Self-Experience Center to learn about innovative products and technologies of MicroPort®'s various business segments. The surgeons showed interests in the company's innovative products such as the third-generation drug stent Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®") and the second-generation fully bioresorbable scaffold Firesorb™ Bioresorbable Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Scaffold System ("Firesorb™").
During the forum, these surgeons and distributors are provided with opportunities to exchange ideas on advanced technologies and concepts of aorta intervention treatment with their Chinese counterparts through surgical observations, case studies and panel discussions in Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University respectively.
MicroPort® has hosted the annual Aorta Intervention International Forum for seven consecutive years, with which it provides a platform for domestic and international surgeons and experts of the aorta intervention to study and discuss hot topics related to the field, so as to promote the development of aorta intervention techniques and people's well-being.