MicroPort® Joint Launches "Fast Recovery" Training Course and MicroPort® Arthroplasty Training Center

Shanghai, China – In partnership with Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, Suzhou MicroPort Joint Co ("MicroPort® Joint") recently launched MicroPort® Joint "Fast Recovery" training course in Shanghai, which attracted over 80 orthopedic professionals from all over the country.
The course was chaired by Professor Xianlong Zhang, Director of Joint Surgical Department of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital. Professor Yunsu Chen, Professor Qi Wang and Professor Hao Shen served as lecturers. Professor Yan Wang, Head of Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Professor Xisheng Weng, Vice Chairman of Chinese Orthopaedic Association, Professor Kunzheng Wang, Vice Chairman of Chinese Orthopaedic Association, Professor Tiebing Qu, President of Chinese Knee Society, and Professor Bing Xia, Head of Arthroscopy Branch of Zhejiang Orthopedic Association, were invited as guest speakers.
Prior to the commencement of the course, MicroPort® hosted the opening ceremony of MicroPort® Arthroplasty "Fast Recovery" Training Center and issued the letter of appointment for Director of the training center to Professor Xianlong Zhang. Established by MicroPort® Joint and Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, the training center aims to promote the "Fast Recovery" Concept through providing surgeons with various training of arthroplasty surgery techniques, such as the newly launched MicroPort® Joint "Fast Recovery" training course.
The MicroPort® Joint "Fast Recovery" training course covered a wide range of topics including Approach for Minimally Invasive ("MIS") Total Hip Arthroplasty ("THA"), Anatomy and Clinical Significance of MIS THA, Indications and Pre-operative Preparation of SuperPath™ Micro-posterior THA Surgical Technique ("SuperPath™"), Surgical Technique of SuperPath™, Analysis of Difficulties in using SuperPath™, Clinical Result of SuperPath™, Measures and Technique to Reduce Blood Loss in Arthroplasty, VTE Prevention in "Fast Recovery" Approach, Infection Prevention in "Fast Recovery" Approach, Post-operative Rehabilitation of MIS, Live Operation Demonstrations of MicroPort® Orthopedics Medial-Pivot Knee and SuperPath™ surgeries.
Professor Xianlong Zhang said, MicroPort® Joint "Fast Recovery" training course not just provided theoretical knowledge but enabled the trainees to get in-depth discussions, direct guidance and other interactive opportunities with the lecturers. He suggested organizing more small-scaled courses with focused topics in the future, to facilitate trainees to apply what they learnt to clinical practice.