MicroPort® Joint participated in the 35th Annual Orthopedics Conference of Hongkong

Recently, the 35th Annual Orthopedics Conference of Hongkong was held in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center. It was the 50 anniversary of Hongkong Orthopedics Medical Association. Many orthopedics experts participated in this conference. MicroPort Joint (Suzhou) MedTech Co ("MicroPort® Joint") invited Professor Zhenkai Xin from Hongkong Queen Mary Hospital and Professor Yunsu Chen from Shanghai the Sixth People's Hospital to host the mid-day satellite meeting, and presented reports about Evolution™ Medial-Pivot Knee System ("Evolution™") and SuperPath™ Surgical Technique ("SuperPath™").
First, Professor Xin shared the design principle and clinical experience of Evolution™, to enhance the understanding of the design principle of this kind of product. From his experience from 26 surgery cases, Professor Xin described how to apply Evolution™ to rebuild a high stable and high active knee joint. Then, Professor Yunsu Chen introduced to Hongkong's surgeons SuperPath™, a new hip joint minimally invasive surgical technique.
In a fast-paced city like Hongkong, which has a highly aged population, the joint surgeons have been very concerned about the rapid recovery of patients after surgery. As a minimally invasive surgical technique that can full retain the joint capsule and the external rotation muscles and so can help patients to recover quickly, SuperPath™ technology has intrigued strong interest from the participating Hongkong joint surgeons.
In the question and answer session after the theme report, surgeons from Hongkong's major public and private hospitals communicated with Professor Chen about his related clinical experience, including the surgical techniques of Evolution™ and SuperPath™, the types of disease that these techniques can be applied for and the selection of prosthesis. Professor Chen and other surgeons exchanged thoughts and had deep discussions.
The sharing from two professors was well received by the participating professionals. The brand of MicroPort® left a deep impression on the experts, who believed it to be professional and highly innovative. MicroPort® Joint will continue to make efforts to provide innovative solutions for Hongkong's doctors and patients.