MicroPort® Launches Multiple Symposia at CIT 2021

Beijing, China, 28 May 2021— Shanghai MicroPort® Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (MicroPort®) recently attended the 19th Annual Chinese Interventional Therapeutic Congress, ‘Collaboration, Innovation, Transition’ (CIT 2021), and launched multiple symposia. The Congress is an informative, diverse, and exciting online gathering with a focus on academic exchange and in-depth analysis of topics on cardiovascular diseasess, such as coronary heart disease, valvular and structural heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, arrhythmia, hypertension and heart failure.

On May 7, MicroPort® hosted a lunchtime satellite session themed, ‘MicroPort® Total Product Solution for Coronary Intervention’, chaired by Academician Runlin Gao from Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Prof.a Zening Jin from Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliateda to the Capital Medical University and Profs. Kefei Dou and Bo Xu, both from Fuwai Hospital, held presentations on state-of-the-art technology, best-practice cases and the latest development in clinical research.

At the satellite session, Prof. Zening Jin introduced the use of the Firefighter™ NC high pressure resistant balloon in clinical applications. He pointed out that the ideal non-compliant balloon must have the following properties: high pressure resistance, low compliance, high crossability, high pushability, and high trackability. The MicroPort® Firefighter™ NC features a unique balloon design with double-layer composite material, which ensures high pressure resistance and low compliance. The ultra-low profile of the balloon catheter, combined with a very small tip end and outer diameter, greatly enhances its crossability performance. The Firefighter™ NC high-pressure resistant balloon is designed to meet practical clinical requirements and provide further interventional benefits.

Prof. Juying Qian commented, “The non-compliant balloon is a crucial device in the dilatation process following coronary intervention. It would be tremendous progress if the technology could be further optimized for even higher pressure resistance, better safety and more robust wall apposition for use in calcified lesions and to address the issue of inadequate dilatation. We look forward to seeing further optimized results of the MicroPort® Firefighter™ NC high pressure resistant balloon in interventional treatments.”

Furthermore, Prof. Kefei Dou discussed the status of radial artery intervention, principles of managing and preventing complications, and the characteristics of the Firedragon™ coronary angiography guidewire and angiography catheter. According to Prof. Dou, while the guidewires currently used in clinical practice offer excellent crossability, they are also a leading cause of damage. The Firedragon™ angiography guidewire from MicroPort® has five major features: smaller tip, easier maneuverability, better overall stability, stronger support, and smoother delivery.

Academician Gao Runlin said, “The angiography guidewires and catheters developed by MicroPort® are highly sophisticated tech-rich products, complementing the made-in-China interventional product portfolio and bringing more options to patients and doctors alike.”

Throughout CIT 2021, manyRunlin Gao, CIT Congress Chair, and Prof. William Wijns from the Lambe Institute for Translational Medicine and Curam, Ireland.

The experts discussed and shared their insights on three hot topics in the field of cardiac intervention, namely coronary physiology, chronic total occlusion (CTO) and interventions for valve heart disease (VHD) associated with coronary artery disease (CAD).

CIT 2021 experts from various countries referred to MicroPort®’s Firehawk Liberty™ Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System (“Firehawk Liberty™”). On May 7, at the session titled “CIT2021 Medical Therapy and Insights into Complex PCI — Cooperation Network of Asian-European Medical Association”, Prof. Andreas Baumbach from the Barts Heart Centre in the UK mentioned that the Firehawk Liberty™ combines the advantages of the bare metal stent and drug-eluting stent, which ensures drug efficacywith significantly lowered drug dosage.dosage Meanwhile, experts from China, Thailand and Singapore shared their experiences of using Firehawk Liberty™ in patients with complex lesions, recognizing the safety and efficacy of the stent. On May 8, MicroPort® also collaborated with 13 international medical experts from nine different countries in the CIT 2021 Cardiovascular Intervention Summit, in a session co-chaired by Prof. William Wijins.

As a leader in premium innovative medical solutions, MicroPort® will continue to build a broader communication platform for experts from China and overseas to disseminate cutting-edge academic information, share clinical experiences, listen to the clinical needs of physicians, andfrom provide safer and more effective complete cardiovascular intervention solutions for patients worldwide.

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