MicroPort® Lifesciences Attends the Fourteenth National Endocrinology Conference of Chinese Medical Association

On August 26 to 29, 2015, MicroPort Lifesciences (Shanghai) Co ("MicroPort® Lifesciences") attended the Fourteenth National Endocrinology Conference of Chinese Medical Association, which was held in Nanjing and sponsored by Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association Society of Endocrinology ("CSE"). The conference is the most important annual academic activity in the field of endocrine metabolic disease and clinical research in our country, attracting about 5000 domestic and foreign people in the field of endocrine to participate.
In recent years, the incidence rate of gonadal development disorders increased, and Idiopathic Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism ("IHH") is the most common symptom. During the conference, Professor Weiqing Wang of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association, gave a presentation with the subject of "the invention and mechanism of apply GnRH pump to IHH treatment", which gave detailed description about the current status and the latest progress about the technology of applying GnRH pulse pump to IHH treatment.
Due to the abnormal GnRH hormone synthesis, function, or secretion, which lead to different degrees of deficiency of pituitary gonadotropin (LH, FSH), IHH is one of the important reasons for the delayed puberty and infertility. The incidence rate of IHH is 1/10000 in men and 1/50000 in women. The smell sense of about 60% of IHH patientsare lost or decreased, known as the Calman Syndrome. The treatment methods for IHH include sex hormone replacement therapy, and GnRH pulse therapy. The GnRH pulse infusion is in accordance with the physiological regulation mechanism of pituitary gland in hypothalamus, which is the most ideal treatment method for IHH pathogenesis.
Jointly developed by the Endocrinology Department of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and MicroPort® Lifesciences, the new generation of Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion Pump provides more ideal GnRH pulse therapy platform for the treatment of IHH, and it won the national utility model patent. This pump can carry out infusion specifical set for individuals, and the amount of injection dose is precise. The pump's pulse is fast, powerful, highly safe, and easy to operate and carry. The study shows that patients with IHH can rapidly improve the level of LH and FSH after receiving treatment using this new generation of Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion Pump. After 108 weeks of treatment for male patients, the generate rate of the sperm can reach as high as 92.1%, and the pregnancy rate as high as 87%.
In the conference, Professor Jiangfeng Mao and Professor Bingkun Huang from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Tingting Wang from Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital and other experts also gave analysis and sharing about the occurrence of patients with IHH having reversed gonadal axis function, presented the comparison of treatment effectiveness between using GnRH pulse transmission inject and using HCG/HMG combined intramuscular injection for male patients with IHH, and presented report about treatment effectiveness evaluation of using GnRH pulse pump in the treatment of IHH and clinical observation. They gave high recognition of the treatment effectiveness of MicroPort® Lifesciences GnRH pituitary hormone pump.
Professor Weiqing Wang said that GnRH pituitary hormone infusion pump's application is beyond IHH treatment. For secondary amenorrhea, hypogonadotropic amenorrhea, non-obese polycystic ovary syndrome, central amenorrhea obese polycystic ovary syndrome, it also has certain curative effect. In order to provide more standardized treatment, Ruijin Hospital Department of Endocrinology pituitary adrenal group also developed a GnRH pulse therapy clinical consensus (Draft), to promote the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine infertility, help the development of multidisciplinary cooperation and improve the treatment methods.