MicroPort® Lifesciences AutoEx® Chemotherapy Pump Obtains Marketing Approval from NMPA

Shanghai, China, 26 March 2022 — Shanghai MicroPort Lifesciences Co., Ltd. (MicroPort® Lifesciences) has received marketing approval from China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for its independently-developed new AutoEx® Chemotherapy Infusion Pump (AutoEx®).

According to data, there were an estimated 19.3 million new cancer cases globally in 2020, including 4.57 million cases in China, which accounts for 23.7% of global cases. Chemotherapy is a fundamental treatment for cancer. Special infusion pumps are commonly used in clinical practice for continuous and precise infusion in order to maintain the optimal effective blood drug concentration during chemotherapy, enhance the activity of anti-cancer cells, and reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy drugs. Intended for continuous or intermittent infusion of drugs in chemotherapy for patients with malignancies, AutoEx® can be used for flushing or sealing of PICCs (peripherally inserted central catheter), CVCs (central venous catheter) and ports through intravenous administration.

AutoEx® contains a drive unit and a disposable pump infusion unit. The drive unit is composed of the main control system, a motor motion system, a power supply system, a detection system, a human-machine interaction system and an alarm system; while the disposable pump infusion unit contains two fluid reservoir bags, which can be switched automatically by a pre-programmed procedure set by the drive unit once the first reservoir bag is empty. This avoids the trouble of manual tube flushing or sealing by professional medical care personnel, thus saving the nursing resources of medical institutions. AutoEx® is a portable infusion pump with a dual CPU control system and dual power supply that can provide high precision drug delivery control and improve patient comfort safely and reliably.

Dr. Jia Yao, General Manager of MicroPort® Lifesciences, stated, "AutoEx® is the first chemotherapy infusion pump launched by MicroPort® Lifesciences, and the first approved product in our company’s intelligent oncology pain solutions. As we look forward to seeing AutoEx® help more cancer patients regain their health, we at MicroPort® Lifesciences will continue to improve our product portfolio and build a patient management platform focused on microinfusion technology, and provide more patients and doctors with quality and inclusive total medical solutions. ”