MicroPort® Lifesciences Hosts Satellite Meeting in 2016 Annual Academic Meeting of Society of Diabetology & Society of Endocrinology of Guangxi Medical Association

Nanning, China - MicroPort Lifesciences (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® Lifesciences") recently attended the 2016 Annual Academic Meeting of Society of Diabetology & Society of Endocrinology of Guangxi Medical Association held from June 25 to June 26 in Nanning of Guangxi Province, with around 300 experts and physicians in attendance.
During the meeting, MicroPort® Lifesciences hosted a satellite meeting in which Professor Xueyan Wu, Chief Physician of Endocrinology Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, was invited as the key speaker to exchange ideas with attended doctors regarding the Development of Idiopathic Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism ("IHH") Diagnosis. Professor Wu interpreted the symptoms, causes, pathological mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of constitutional delay of puberty in a comprehensive and through manner, and noted that gonadotropin-releasing hormone ("GnRH") pump is a good treatment choice for IHH patients whose disease is caused by hypothalamic disorder and whose pituitary is in good function. La Fenice® Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion Pump ("La Fenice®") is a GnRH pump developed by MicroPort® Lifesciences. According to the research results of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, male IHH patients who are treated with La Fenice® have higher sperm production rate compared to those who are treated with HCG/HMG intramuscular injection. Similarly, GnRH pump is also effective in treating female IHH patients. According to findings of clinical studies, most polycystic ovary syndrome ("PCOS") patients would receive good treatment results after using GnRH pump with constant frequency of infusion of 10μg at 90 minutes intervals. As for the female patients who fail to have obvious changes in either hormone level or physical conditions after the above-mentioned treatment, treatment with variable frequency based on female physiological characteristics may result in better effect.
Due to the abnormal GnRH hormone synthesis, function, or secretion, which leads to different degrees of deficiency of pituitary gonadotropin (LH, FSH) that results in hypogonadism, IHH is one of the important reasons for the delayed puberty and infertility. Jointly developed by the Endocrinology Department of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and MicroPort® Lifesciences, La Fenice® provides a more ideal GnRH pulse therapy platform for the treatment of IHH, and was grated the National Utility Model Patent. This pump allows patients to personalize the infusion, with micro-dose and precise amount, and the pulse infusion is fast and powerful. In addition, La Fenice® is of high safety, and easy to operate and carry.
After the satellite meeting, many attendees came to visit MicroPort® Lifesciences booth for further inquiry and cooperation. Several endocrinologists showed interests in La Fenice® and said they would attempt to carry out clinical applications to serve more patients.