MicroPort® MedBot DFVision® 3D Electronic Laparoscope Approved for Marketing by NMPA

Shanghai, China — On June 8, 2021, MicroPort MedBot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (‘MicroPort® MedBot’) received a registration certificate issued by China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for its DFVision® three-dimensional electronic laparoscope (‘DFVision®’). The registration certificate, which followed the product’s entry into NMPA’s special approval process for innovative medical devices in 2019, is the first product marketing approval received by MicroPort® MedBot.

The DFVision® is designed for use in clinical practices such as thoracic, general surgery, gynecology and urology departments. During the research and development phase, MicroPort® MedBot placed great emphasis on practical clinical needs. In comparison with conventional two-dimensional laparoscopes, DFVision® enables a three-dimensional vision of the surgical field of view and depth perception for surgical operations through dual-channel image capturing, which helps surgeons to perform fast and sophisticated directional maneuvers, including suturing, anastomosis and functional reconstruction, as well as hand changing and knot tying with needle holders.

Relying on the proprietary design that combines high-resolution objectives lens and an electronic microscope, DFVision® enables the full HD presentation of dual-channel images without the need for bulky optical components of conventional laparoscopes. This significantly reduces the weight, alleviating the fatigue of the user, which in turn leads to more stable intraoperative images. DFVision® offers a high-level of stereoscopic vision closer to reality, allowing the surgeon to identify fine tissues based on high-definition images of organ structure, while greatly improving the surgical experience and flattening the learning curve for surgeons who lack experience in laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Chao He, President of MicroPort® MedBot, said, “DFVision® is the first product approved for marketing in the laparoscopic field, one of the ‘five tracks’ of MicroPort® MedBot portfolio, marking our presence at the forefront of the 3D electronic laparoscopy market. The launch of DFVision® will not only bring a more comprehensive solution for laparoscopic surgeries but also promote the development of the related industry chain in China and further reduce the medical and economic burden of patients. In the future, we will continue to innovate and provide patients and physicians in China and around the world with a total surgical solutions based on intelligent robotics that can prolong and reshape lives. ”

About MicroPort MedBot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

MicroPort MedBot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (‘MicroPort® MedBot’) is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK), founded in 2015. Through in-house development and international collaborations, MicroPort® MedBot has built a product portfolio that covers the five ‘golden tracks’ of surgical robots, namely laparoscopic, orthopedics, panvascular, natural orifice, and percutaneous surgical procedures. In addition to DFVision®, the ToumaiTM laparoscopic surgical robot and the Honghu orthopedic surgery robot have also entered the NMPA special approval process for innovative medical devices. Both ToumaiTM and Honghu completed patient enrollment for clinical trials in January 2021.