MicroPort® MedBot™ JV’s R-ONE® Vascular Intervention Robot Achieves Global Firsts in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 19 March, 2024— Recently, R-ONE® Vascular Intervention Robot (R-ONE®), agented by Cathbot, a joint venture in China between MicroPort® MedBot and French company Robocath S.A.S, successfully performed several complex vascular interventional procedures at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) in Bangladesh, marking several significant achievements in this field. As a result, R-ONE® became the global leading robot with the highest volume of complex multi-vessel and remote PCI procedures conducted.

R-ONE®’s key milestones include completing the world's first consecutive robot-assisted PCI remote procedure and the world’s first remote robotic procedure to simultaneously implant two stents for complex coronary lesion.

On 21 January, the NICVD utilized R-ONE® to perform PCI on two patients, aged 65 and 50 respectively, who each had three blocked coronary arteries requiring angioplasty and stent implantation. Professor Pradip Kumar Karmakar and his team performed these procedures, deploying three stents in each patient. Both patients recovered well and were discharged after hospital observation. In an interview with The Business Standard, Professor Pradip explained that compared to traditional interventional surgeries, R-ONE® allowed for more precise control over the movement and rotation of instruments resulting in more accurate positioning of balloons and catheters, while also reducing radiation exposure for both doctors and patients.

On 28 January, Professor Pradip Kumar Karmakar and his team utilized R-ONE® equipped with the R-Link remote control system, to successfully perform the country’s first-ever remote PCI procedure, which was also the world's first consecutive remote PCI procedure. NICVD Chairman, Professor Mir Jamal Uddin, observed the procedure and noted the smooth progression, with excellent visibility of the DSA images on the remote monitor, allowing for correct manipulation of the guidewire, introduction of the balloon, and stent deployment.

On 25 February, Professor Mir Jamal Uddin and Professor Pradip Kumar Karmakar jointly performed a remote PTCA procedure using R-ONE®. After a day of observation, the patient's condition was stable with good recovery.

These accomplishments have met several critical needs in the global interventional treatment sector, demonstrating the effectiveness of performing complex coronary interventions through robotic remote procedure. The success of these procedures also gained attention from local media outlets, including national Bangladeshi television and The Business Standard. Furthermore, the details of these procedures were shared by Professor Pradip Kumar Karmakar at the Bangladesh International Science and Technology Conference. He signified these as important milestones in the development of cardiovascular intervention in Bangladesh, providing the public with the anticipation for timely access to advanced medical devices and cutting-edge medical technology.

Mr. Yu Liu, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of MicroPort® MedBot™, remarked, “R-ONE® is equipped with several core technologies that extend and enhance the capabilities of the surgeon’s hands, brain, and eyes. The recent series of high-difficulty coronary interventions performed in Bangladesh, which set multiple world records, exemplifies this advancement.”

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