MicroPort® MedBot® Performs World's First Robotic Positioned Cryoablation of Prostate Cancer

Nanjing, China, 1 January 2023 - The world's first prostate cancer focal treatment using a prostate positioning robot in combination with the cryoablation platform was successfully completed by Professor Hongqian Guo’s team from the Department of Urology of Gulou Hospital, affiliated with Nanjing University School of Medicine (Gulou Hospital). The Mona Lisa Robotic Prostate Puncture System (Mona Lisa) developed by Shanghai Intbot, together with the cryoablation device developed by AccuTarget MediPharma assists in preserving the patient's prostate gland by increasing positioning precision of the surgical operation and decreasing risk of damage. The success of this case marks the clinical validation of precise therapy by the Mona Lisa in the field of percutaneous puncture, opening up a new horizon for the development of precise and minimally invasive prostate treatment procedures, which is expected to provide more solutions for patients.

Shanghai Intbot is a joint venture between MicroPort® MedBot® and the Singaporean company Biobot Surgical. The registered clinical trial for the Mona Lisa, led by Gulou Hospital, was completed on 29 April 2022, and the Mona Lisa became the first prostate puncture robot in China to complete a multi-center clinical trial. This research-oriented clinical study conducted by Gulou Hospital intended to verify the effectiveness and safety of prostate cancer cryoablation guided by the prostate puncture positioning system device as well as to explore a more accurate and safe treatment method for patients. The success of this procedure was based on the technical advantages of the Mona Lisa in precise positioning, automatic path planning, and visualization of the ablation area, which validates the application of focal treatment with the assistance of precise positioning.

The incidence of prostate cancer ranks first among malignant tumors in men in Europe and the United States. With the popularization of prostate-specific antigen testing, an increasing number of early localized prostate cancers get detected in China. Focal treatment is a less invasive treatment option compared to radical surgery or radiation therapy, and is more likely to preserve urinary control and sexual function. However, ablation is currently a more subjective operation because it relies heavily on the operator's personal experience. The Mona Lisa may provide a solution to this since, unlike traditional surgery, it relies less on the surgeon's experience and ability. By applying intelligent image modeling, ice ball ablation area visualization, and intelligent surgical path planning, the Mona Lisa helps to explore and address the technical difficulties of prostate treatment surgery in terms of safety, precision and efficiency.

The surgery was performed at Gulou Hospital and lasted 40 minutes, with Dr. Haifeng Huang, a urologist, performing the surgical planning and interactive adjustments using the Mona Lisa’s intelligent operating system prior to the surgery. This was done to quickly and precisely identify, outline, and segment the prostate gland and important anatomical structures.

During the procedure, the powerful MRI-ultrasound elastic fusion algorithm could guide the surgeon in real time, enabling precise needle placement planning irrespective of the target lesion being in the apical, basal or peripheral zone of the prostate. The application of the equipped cryoablation technology allows visualization of the ice ball ablation area and ensures complete coverage of the prostate lesion area. At the same time, the Mona Lisa features position deviation compensation and interference filtering functions that assist the host in controlling the robotic arm. Following completion of the procedure, the Mona Lisa can generate a full report with 3D images and clinical data.

Professor Hongqian Guo of Gulou Hospital stated: “The prostate puncture positioning device not only marks a new era in prostate puncture surgery but will also lead prostate ablation therapy into a new phase. It is even more meaningful for patients, as its intelligent system can assist doctors in planning surgical treatment more precisely. It is especially beneficial for elderly patients, patients who cannot tolerate radical surgery or patients who are unwilling to undergo radical surgery or radiotherapy.”

At the end of 2021, the Madam Curie™ Fully-Automated Unmanned Surgical Platform developed by MicroPort® MedBot® completed prostate enlargement interventional cryoablation surgery in animals, indicating that MicroPort® has already developed the ability to perform fully automated percutaneous puncture surgery. Now, clinical validation on the application of the Mona Lisa has been completed, together with a cryoablation device, in the field of precise focal treatment. It is another milestone for focal prostate ablation treatment.

According to Mr. Yu Liu, Chief Commercial Officer of MicroPort® MedBot®: “This surgery combined the Mona Lisa Prostate Puncture and Positioning device with a cryoablation device. As a less invasive treatment method, it turns cutting-edge scientific research into clinical application. It is also a new breakthrough for the Mona Lisa in the field of percutaneous puncture. MicroPort® MedBot® will continue to invest more in R&D and clinical studies, deepen medical-industrial cooperation, as well as optimize product performance and surgical solutions through clinical communication and exploration. We are committed to providing more minimally invasive, intelligent and precise robotic technology to benefit more patients and realize our aspiration from day one to eliminate difficult surgeries in the world.”

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