MicroPort® MedBot®’s Honghu™ Orthopedic Surgical Robot Has Been Approved for Market Entry in Brazil

Brasília, Brazil, 26 May 2023 - Recently, Shanghai MicroPort MedBot (Group) Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as "MicroPort® MedBot®") and subsidiary Suzhou MicroPort NaviBot Co., Ltd., developed the Honghu™ Orthopedic Surgical Robot (marketed overseas as "SkyWalker™," and hereinafter referred to as "Honghu™"). This product has been approved for market entry in Brazil following evaluation by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). This achievement marks another milestone for Honghu™ after obtaining market approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China during April 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States during July, and CE certification from the European Union during December. This will further contribute to the advancement of surgical robot technology meaning that more patients worldwide can benefit.

Honghu™ is currently the first and only domestically produced surgical robot in China to have obtained certifications and market approval from the NMPA, FDA, CE, and ANVISA. With the guidance of CT imaging, it assists surgeons in performing joint replacement surgeries through robotic arms.

In recent years, Honghu™ has continuously tackled challenging procedures and assisted experts in achieving numerous clinical breakthroughs. To date, Honghu™ has completed over 400 robotic-assisted clinical validation surgeries in the fields of orthopedics, joint surgery, and sports medicine across 15 provinces and municipalities in China, including 27 hospitals. These surgeries involve groundbreaking and highly difficult challenges in various specialized areas, such as the first domestically produced surgical robot 5G remote joint replacement surgery, joint replacement surgery following femoral shaft fracture intramedullary nail fixation, and joint replacement surgery for severe rheumatoid arthritis. Since November 2022, SkyWalker™ has successfully completed dozens of total knee arthroplasty surgeries in the United States. The clinical application of Honghu™ in orthopedic surgery is gradually progressing and contributing to high-quality application and development in hospital research.

Mr. Liu Yu, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of MicroPort® MedBot® stated that, "The original intention of MicroPort® MedBot® is to 'make every surgery possible.' After obtaining regulatory approval from ANVISA in Brazil, we will provide more comprehensive robotic surgical solutions for local surgeons and hospitals, offering patients high-quality, reliable medical technology services".