MicroPort® MedBot™’s Toumai® Completes 100 Successful 5G Tele-surgeries, Becoming a Global Pioneer with Multiple Firsts

Shanghai, China, 22 January 2024 —— MicroPort® MedBot™ recently announced that its Toumai® Laparoscopic Surgical Robot (Toumai®) has become the global pioneer in achieving 100 cases of 5G tele-surgeries, with a success rate of 100%.

Since the first collaboration in June 2022 with Jiangsu Province Hospital, where three ultra-long-distance urological surgeries spanning 5000 kilometers were successfully completed, MedBot™ has successively cooperated with over 10 well-known top-tier hospitals in China. The company has made breakthrough innovations in the field of 5G applications and conducted future-forward research and leading explorations in international frontiers like tele-surgery and intelligent surgery. These surgeries extensively cover complex and challenging procedures in general surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, gynecology, and pediatric surgery, setting numerous world firsts.

Of the 100 5G tele-surgeries, urological surgeries accounted for 30% of the total surgeries, with general surgeries (including hepato-biliary-pancreatic and gastrointestinal surgeries) making up more than 60%. These surgeries were conducted across nearly 30 cities, linking over 30 hospitals, with the farthest transmission distance reaching 5000 kilometers.

Mr. Yu Liu (Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of MedBot™) stated: “This advancement greatly expands the possibilities of full-process aerial medical services from outpatient to surgery, making it no longer a distant dream for the same doctor to perform aerial surgeries in a single day at the same location for patients spread across different locations.”.

About MicroPort® MedBot™

Founded in 2015, MicroPort® MedBot™ (Shanghai MicroPort MedBot Group Co., Ltd.; HKEX: 02252), an associated company of MicroPort® (MicroPort Scientific Corporation; HKEX: 00853), is currently the only surgical robot company in the world with businesses covering six promising subsectors of surgical robots including endoscopy, orthopedics, vascular intervention, natural orifice surgery, percutaneous puncture and medical aesthetics. MicroPort® MedBot™ is committed to meeting the growing demand for cutting-edge robotic surgery by integrating advanced research on robotics, control algorithms, electrical engineering, image-based navigation and precision imaging. MicroPort® MedBot™ provides comprehensive intelligent surgical solutions to lead the advancement of robotic surgery and shape the era of super intelligent surgery so patients everywhere can continue living better and longer lives.

More information is available at www.medbotsurgical.com/en.