MicroPort® MedBot™'s Toumai® Robot Completes the World's First 5G Remote Laparoscopic Robotic Surgical Trial on the ‘Roof of the World’

Shanghai, China, 20 October 2023 — Recently, MicroPort® MedBot™, in collaboration with West China Hospital of Sichuan University (West China Hospital) and Tibet Autonomous Region Hospital, successfully completed the world's first 5G remote laparoscopic surgical trial on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Toumai® becomes the world’s first laparoscopic surgical robot to perform 5G remote surgery at an altitude exceeding 3600 meters on, what is often referred to as, the ‘Roof of the World’.

In the ex vivo organ trial, the expert team from West China Hospital conducted a multi-disciplinary surgical operation with the assistance of Toumai®, including intestinal resection and anastomosis, liver resection, and partial nephrectomy.

Surgeons performed the trial from a console in Chengdu that remotely operated the patient cart in Lhasa. During the surgery, they were able to control organ isolation, cutting, and anastomosis, despite a distance of 1200 km and challenging plateau conditions. The MicroPort® MedBot™ technical team, hospital IT personnel, and telecom operators collaborated closely to ensure real-time operational efficiency. Physicians involved in the trial reported the timely manner of the surgery, stable controls, clear 3D imaging, smooth system operation, and imperceptible delays.

Mr. Yu Liu, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of MicroPort® MedBot™, stated that, "The hospital is located in a distinctive environment characterized by high altitude, low air pressure, low oxygen levels, and large diurnal temperature fluctuations. Surgeons conducting long-duration, high-intensity surgeries under these conditions can quickly experience fatigue. By utilizing remote surgeries through 5G communication technology, we provide experts with an extended reach of capabilities that address both environmental challenges, ensuring the safe accuracy and efficient completion of surgeries."

Professor Fengming Luo, from West China Hospital, emphasized the profound social and academic significance of conducting this trial on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. He explained that it enables health professionals to perform remote surgeries for emergency treatment during natural disasters or unforeseen events, improving efficiency and benefiting a broader populace. He added that, “In the future, we aspire to challenge even higher difficulties; performing 5G remote surgical trials at altitudes of 4000 meters or even 5000 meters."

President of MicroPort® MedBot™, Dr. Chao He stated that, “We are dedicated to contributing to the promotion and advancement of remote medical care by providing better treatment options for patients, enhancing the working experience for surgeons, and delivering improved medical services to society.”

About MicroPort® MedBot™

Founded in 2015, MicroPort® MedBot™ (Shanghai MicroPort MedBot Group Co., Ltd.; HKEX: 02252), is an associated company of MicroPort® (MicroPort Scientific Corporation; HKEX: 00853) and, is currently the only surgical robot company in the world with businesses covering five promising subsectors of surgical robots, including endoscopy, orthopedics, vascular intervention, natural orifice surgery, and percutaneous puncture. At MicroPort® MedBot™, we are committed to meeting the growing demand for cutting-edge robotic surgery by integrating advanced research on robotics, control algorithms, electrical engineering, image-based navigation and precision imaging. We provide comprehensive intelligent surgical solutions to lead the advancement of robotic surgery and shape the era of super intelligent surgery so patients everywhere can continue living better and longer lives.

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