MicroPort Medical Attended 13th China Heart Rhythm Forum

The 13th China Cardiac Rhythmology Forum sponsored by Chinese Heart Rhythm Society (CHRS) was successfully staged from January 10-13, 2008 in Harbin, a beautiful city of ice. This forum was a big get-together held by CHRS, at which new ideas and technologies in many frontiers were discussed, such as heart pacing, cardiac electrophysiology, pathologic basis of cardiac arrhythmia, medication and non-drug therapy, pre-warnings and prevention of sudden death and noninvasive electrocardiology. Chinese leading experts including Hu Dayi, Guo Jihong, Huang Congxin, Ma Changsheng and Zhang Shu as well nearly one thousand representatives in Chinese cardiology were present at this forum. On the opening ceremony on the morning of Jan 11, the starting ceremony of China Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Relief Program against Sudden Death in Public Places was also staged.
Led by Sun Jianyan (senior vice president in charge of supply chain), Luo Qiyi (Chief Technology Officer), Xu Yimin (vice president in charge of quality, clinical issues and registration) and Liu Daozhi (vice president of research center), some technical personnel with MicroPort's EP Project Team attended this forum. On the noon of Jan 11, MicroPort satellite meeting was held and presided over by famous cardiology experts Zhou Shenghua, Yang Yanzong, Wang Zhulu and Liu Xu. Beijing Anzhen Hospital Ma Changsheng delivered an opening speech, while Professor Sun Yingxian with Shengjing Hospital attached to China Medical University made a thorough and detailed presentation on clinical results of FireMagic ablation catheter. The summary and analysis of numerous data from 135 clinical tests fully demonstrated that FireMagic ablation catheter independently developed by MicroPort has already reached international level and domestic leading level. Dr. Liu Daozhi, vice president of MicroPort Research Center, explained the design and experiments of FireMagic ablation catheter to medical experts. Many attendees came to our podium to learn about the development progress of our electrocardiology products, and expressed their confidence in FireMagic ablation catheter. They believed that this product would be another significant cardiac interventional product rolled out by MicroPort besides Firebird stent, and it would surely promote the development of Chinese cardiac electrophysiological technology and industry.
At the "Pacemaker and Electro-physiology Engineering-Homemade Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Treatment Apparatuses" forum, Dr. Liu Daozhi made the theme speech titled "Problems and Challenges facing Homemade Ablation Catheter", which won applause from experts present.