MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends CSIR 2017

Zhengzhou, China – From June 15 to June 18, MicroPort NeuroTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® NeuroTech") attended the 14th Scientific Meeting of Chinese Society of Interventional Radiology ("CSIR 2017") in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Themed on "Communication, Innovation, Integration, Development," the conference provides a platform of communication linking experts of fundamental research and clinical application of the interventional industry, covering imaging, clinical application and fundamental research of nerve, peripheral vessel, tumor, nursing and other interventional treatment–related fields.
In the intracranial aneurysm session of the conference, Professor Chun Fang of Shanghai Tongji Hospital delivered a speech of "endovascular exclusion treatment of intracranial stent graft system - paraclinoid aneurysm," in which he analyzed the intracranial vascular endovascular exclusion technology from the perspective of clinical application. During the speech, Professor Fang shared the clinical experience in using MicroPort® NeuroTech's WILLIS® Intracranial Stent Graft System ("WILLIS®") to treat cerebral aneurysm, and spoke highly of the excellent performance of WILLIS®. Professor Yueqi Zhu of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital shared the current situation and future development of cerebral aneurysm treatment. In particular, Professor Zhu explained how WILLIS® works in achieving complete occlusion of aneurysm, which is expected to effectively promote the intracranial vascular endovascular exclusion technology.
Researched and developed independently by MicroPort® NeuroTech, WILLIS® is the first stent graft system indicated for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms that has gained market approval in China. It is also the first medical device to achieve complete vascular reconstruction in China. WILLIS® vascular reconstruction achieves complete occlusion, and unlike traditional treatment using stent-assisted coil embolization, WILLIS® effectively shunts the blood flow and keeps it off of the aneurysm wall. Professor Zhu also highly recognized the outstanding performance of WILLIS® in clinical application and shared his personal experience in using WILLIS®, which stimulated active discussions among the attendees.
During the CSIR 2017, Professor Tianxiao Li of Henan Provincial People's Hospital, Professor Sheng Guan of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, and Professor Weijian Jiang of Chinese PLA Rocket General Hospital visited MicroPort® NeuroTech booth and had in-depth discussion with the R&D staff regarding the performance and technologies of WILLIS® and APOLLO Intracranial Stent System. They also expressed their expectations on the upcoming innovative products of MicroPort® NeuroTech such as Tubridge® Vascular Reconstruction Device.