MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends 17th OCIN

Shanghai, China – From October 26 to October 29, MicroPort NeuroTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® NeuroTech") attended the 17th Oriental Conference of Interventional Neuroradiology ("OCIN 2017") and displayed APOLLO Intracranial Stent System ("APOLLO"), WILLIS® Intracranial Stent Graft System ("WILLIS®"), and other core products. As the one of the most influential congresses in the field of neurointervention in China, the OCIN 2017 attracted nearly 2,000 domestic and overseas experts from the neurointervention field to exchange ideas on new theories, new technologies, and new materials.
In the OCIN, live cases are the always the highlighted session. On October 30, Professor Ziliang Wang of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital used APOLLO to treat long-segment chronic total occlusion, and Professor Chuhan Jiang of Beijing Tiantan Hospital of Capital Medical University used WILLIS® to treat left ophthalmic artery aneurysms. The two cases both achieved successful results and demonstrated the excellent performance of MicroPort® NeuroTech products, which attracted wide attention from experts in attendance.
In the session of "new product and new technology", Professor Chun Fang of Tongji Hospital of Tongji University delivered a speech of "the Application of WILLIS®". He said, Blood Blister-like Aneurysms ("BBA"), originated from internal carotid supraclinoid anterior wall non-furcation area, is easy to rupture and cause bleeding during the operation. WILLIS® Neurovascular Repair Technique is the feasible method to treat internal carotid artery BBA as it can effectively reduce the risk of rebleeding and reoccurrence. Professor Chun Fang shared his own clinical experience in treating 13 BBA patients with WILLIS® from 2013 to 2015, and the excellent clinical performance of WILLIS® won high recognition from experts in attendance.
On October 29, MicroPort® NeuroTech held a book-signing event of "Neurovascular Reconstruction with WILLIS® for Cerebro-vascular Diseases" in which it invited the author Professor Minghua Li of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital to sign and hand out the books for free. The book vividly illustrates the application of WILLIS® in treating extracranial internal carotid artery and vertebral artery. It contains 111 cases and over 500 pictures, explaining the material selection, operation procedure and treatment effect of different cases to provide reference to neurointerventional physicians.
During the congress, MicroPort® NeuroTech organized a workshop and invited Professor Minghua Li, Professor Bing Leng of Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, and Professor Chun Fang of Tongji Hospital of Tongji University as guest speakers. More than 50 professionals from the neurointervention field were attracted to share and discuss clinical experience in WILLIS®, and the reviews and explanations from the guest speakers further enhanced their understandings in the indications and operation of WILLIS®.
In OCIN 2017, many experts visited MicroPort® NeuroTech booth and exchanged ideas with MicroPort® NeuroTech R&D staff regarding possible difficulties in clinical trials, as well as new development and new trend in the field of neurovascular intervention. The experts said they are looking forward to the market launch of Tubridge™ Vascular Reconstruction Device ("Tubridge™"), an innovative device in-house developed by MicroPort® NeuroTech in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms, to benefit more domestic patients.