MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends OCIN 2016

Shanghai, China – From October 27 to October 30, MicroPort NeuroTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® NeuroTech") attended the 16th Oriental Conference of Interventional Neuroradiology ("OCIN 2016") in Shanghai to display Apollo Intracranial Stent System ("Apollo") and WILLIS® Intracranial Stent Graft System ("WILLIS®"). As one of the most influential international congresses in the field of neurovascular intervention in China, the OCIN 2016 attracted many renowned neurovascular intervention experts form US, France, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as leading neurovascular intervention teams in China and around 2,000 domestic neurovascular intervention professionals to join in meeting for academic exchange.
The live operation demonstration has always been the highlight in the OCINs, which will give the audience a fully immersive experience in the clinical application of the device. Meanwhile, experts are invited to comment on the operations, to help the audience tackle problems they may encounter in their daily work. During the OCIN 2016, a surgery by Shanghai-based Changhai Hospital to treat intracranial stenosis with MicroPort® NeuroTech's Apollo was live broadcasted on October 28. The surgery achieved successful outcome, and the excellent performance of Apollo was highly recognized by experts in attendance.
In the congress, Professor Sheng Guan of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University delivered a speech of "From the Hemodynamics of Tumor Cervical Mouth to Preferred Indications of WILLIS®," which was well received by the audience. In its booth, MicroPort® NeuroTech set up special areas for visitors to closely observe WILLIS® and watch videos of how to use the device, which enhanced their understandings in the outstanding performance of WILLIS® and attracted many people to visit the booth and inquire for product information.
In OCIN 2016, many experts visited MicroPort® NeuroTech booth and exchanged ideas with MicroPort® NeuroTech R&D staff regarding product design, clinical affairs, as well as new development and new trend in the field of neurovascular intervention. The experts also expressed their expectation on the market launch of Tubridge™ Vascular Reconstruction Device ("Tubridge™"), an innovative device in-house developed by MicroPort® NeuroTech in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms.