MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends the 16th Edition of China Forum of Cerebrovascular Diseases (CFCVD)

Beijing, China – The 16th Edition of China Forum of Cerebrovascular Diseases (CFCVD), which is one of the most influential scientific events in the field of cerebrovascular disease therapies in China, was held in Beijing, China recently, following the academic rationale of linking basic anatomy and latest therapies of interest to cover the topics including cerebral revascularization, acute stroke treatment, unruptured aneurysm and hemorrhage. CFCVD brought together over 1,000 Chinese and foreign healthcare professionals and researchers. MicroPort NeuroTech (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (“MicroPort® NeuroTech”) presented Tubridge® Vascular Reconstruction Device (“Tubridge®”) and WILLIS® Intracranial Stent Graft System (“WILLIS®”) at CFCVD.

The topics of the CFCVD were pitched at its main venue, while the discussions on the topics were held at the branch venues. At the MicroPort® NeuroTech satellite conference, Prof. Wenyuan Zhao from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and Prof. Xuying He from Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University hosted two lectures: “Clinical Application of Tubridge®, a Blood Flow Diverting Device” and “Use of Tubridge® in Clinical Cases” respectively. The professors spoke positively about the efficacy of Tubridge® in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms from a clinical perspective. They also use several cases to discuss the efficacy of Tubridge® with respects to pre-operative patient evaluation, selection of stents, intra-operative stent deployment skills and post-operative follow-ups. The satellite conference was moderated by Prof. Yi Xu from Changhai Hospital of Shanghai, Prof. Qi Luo from Norman Bethune Hospital of Jilin University and Prof. Daming Wang from Beijing Hospital, who provided insight on the basis of the speakers’ lectures and had in-depth exchanges with the audience. At other branch venues, WILLIS® was also mentioned several times in lectures on blood blister-like aneurysms and carotid-cavernous fistula. The healthcare professionals and researchers were satisfied with the clinical results of WILLIS® and used cases to discuss the precautions with regards to diameter selection for stent graft and surgical operations. MicroPort® NeuroTech also prepared simulators for the healthcare professionals and researchers in attendance and explained in detail the key points for using Tubridge®. Many attendees tried once and again to experience how using Tubridge® on a model of intracranial aneurysm was like.

Tubridge® is an innovative result of MicroPort® NeuroTech’s 12-year independent R&D to treat intracranial large and huge aneurysms. It obtained the registration approval from National Medical Products Administration of China (NMPA) in March 2018 as the first Chinese-made blood flow diverting device produced in China. WILLIS® is the first approved stent graft product to treat intracranial aneurysms in China. It is also independently developed by MicroPort® NeuroTech. As a leading innovation-driven high-end medical device company in China, MicroPort® NeuroTech will keep innovating to provide more comprehensive cerebrovascular interventional solutions for patients and doctors.