MicroPort® NeuroTech Generous Donation

On November 14, it is a very special day for Ameti, an ordinary farmer in Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang. Professor Donghai Wang, Supporting experts in Xinjiang, vice president of the Xinjiang People's Hospital led the neurosurgical team completing successfully the intracranial covered stent graft implantation surgery for this cerebrovascular disease patient, applying the WILLIS® Intracranial Stent Graft System (WILLIS®). MicroPort NeuroTech(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.(MicroPort® NeuroTech) donated the WILLIS® stent to the patient, which brought a new life to him.
According to Professor Wang, Ameti encountered a car accident this April, causing brain traumatic intracranial hematoma. In June, his right eye appeared serious swelling with pain, and on October 10, he came to Xinjiang People's Hospital for treatment. It was decided, after experts had consultation meeting, that WILLIS®, MicroPort® NeuroTech's product that was researched and developed independently by the company, would be used as the treatment method. Professor Wang explained, "When I was in Xinjiang, I operated many intracranial covered stent implantation surgeries applying WILLIS®. The postoperative effect were very good, and also it's suitable for Ameti's illness, so I made a customized surgical plan for him."
However, after the several treatments, Ameti's family has spent all the savings. He said: "who wouldn't want to live a life on, but I am just an ordinary farmer, my economic condition is not very well, and we need to raise children. I have to go out tio borrow money from whoever possible." But half a month later, there is still a big gap for the treatment fee. Professor Wang recalled, "Although he is only suffering from benign vascular disease, but if not treated in time, it will lead to decreased vision, blindness, and even the emergence of intracranial hemorrhage which is life-threatening. His desperate eyes and helpless look often appeared in my mind, and his disease cannot wait, or it will miss the best timing for surgery."
MicroPort® NeuroTech decided to donate the WILLIS® to Ameti's surgery when they know the family's condition from Professor Wang. On November 14, after careful preparation before surgery, Professor Wang completed the operation very successfully. Before discharge, the patient sent a thanking board to the hands of the surgeries, he said excitedly: "Thank you all to save my life, also save my family. Thank you!"
For Professor Wang, such kind of treatment is not the first time in the period of his supporting duty. He said, "It has not only brought advanced medical technology to the Xinjiang, but also established a deep national friendship in here." As a national enterprises with the sense of social responsibility, MicroPort® NeuroTech has always adhered to fulfill the social responsibility, focus on public welfare charity, contributing to the saving of lives and to the improvement of medical standard for the national minority area.