MicroPort NeuroTech™ Has Made New Progress with Multiple Products in the International Market

Goiânia, Brazil & Buenos Aires, Argentina, 30 June 2023 - Recently, MicroPort NeuroTech™ Co., Ltd., made new progress with multiple products in the international market. Among them, the U-track™ intracranial support catheter system has successfully completed Brazil’s first two clinical uses.

U-track™ is the fourth product of NeuroTech™ to enter the Brazilian market. It is also the first access product, providing local neuro-interventional operation patients with high-quality choices.

Dr. Thiago Roriz and Dr. Marcelo Faria performed the first operation. The patient was diagnosed preoperatively with severe stenosis of the proximal segment of the basal artery. The physicians chose to use the 6F-115cm U-track® to deliver the 3.0×18mm APOLLO™ intracranial stent system (hereinafter referred to as "APOLLO™") to the target lesion and successfully dilate the stenotic artery to restore the blood flow. The remarkable usability and accessibility of U-track® left a profound impression on the physicians. Additionally, the physicians recognized the effective treatment of intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis by using U-track™ in combination with APOLLO™.

Dr. Bruno Parente and his team performed the second operation. The patient was diagnosed preoperatively with an aneurysm in the left communicating segment of the internal carotid artery. During the operation, the 6F-115cm U-track™ was smoothly advanced and assisted in deploying a flow-diverting stent to cover the aneurysm. The physician expressed satisfaction with the flexibility and support of U-track™.

Dr. Bruno Parente is an interventional neuroradiologist at the largest hospital in the Federal District of Brazil and several private hospitals. He is also a member of the Brazilian Association of Neurological Pain and the Brazilian Society of Radiology. As the first physician in Brazil to use NUMEN™ detachable coils and APOLLO™, Dr. Bruno has complete confidence and trust in NeuroTech™ products. He has now become one of the first physicians to use U-track® in Brazil. Dr. Bruno recognizes and appreciates NeuroTech™’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and looks forward to their continued provision of comprehensive and high-quality solutions for stroke worldwide.

U-track™ features an industry-leading large lumen compatible with different techniques providing more clinical treatment options. Its 11 transition zones balance the proximal support and distal flexibility, enabling easy navigation through tortuous vessels to reach the targeted vascular sites required for clinical treatment. The smooth and rounded tip minimizes the possibility of arterial damage, ensuring greater safety during the procedure. U-track™’s excellent performance in support, accessibility and durability fully meets the clinical demand for an upgraded support catheter.

In addition, MicroPort NeuroTech's NUMEN™ Coil Embolization System (hereinafter referred to as "NUMEN™") and Numen FR® Detachment System (hereinafter referred to as "Numen FR™") have recently obtained registration approval from ANMAT in Argentina. Since their market approval in China in 2020, NUMEN™ and Numen FR™ have successively obtained market approvals in five overseas countries and regions, including CE certification in the European Union, FDA in the United States, MFDS in South Korea, ANVISA in Brazil and MHLW in Japan. They have also achieved clinical implantation in 11 overseas countries across the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and Europe, receiving high praise from local medical teams.

In the future, NeuroTech™ will continue to strengthen its collaboration with clinical experts domestically and internationally, aiming to provide high-quality and accessible comprehensive medical solutions for brain vascular diseases to more patients worldwide.