MicroPort NeuroTech™ Obtains NMPA Marketing Approval for its Neurohawk® Stent Thrombectomy Device

Shanghai, China, 21 February 2022 — MicroPort NeuroTech Limited (MicroPort NeuroTech™) has recently received marketing approval from China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for its self-developed Neurohawk® Stent Thrombectomy Device (Neurohawk®).

Neurohawk® is a retrievable, self-expandable clot stent retriever used in endovascular invasive thrombectomy procedures to remove large clots in blood vessels. During the procedure, Neurohawk® is delivered by a microcatheter within the vessel lumen and released at the targeted clot. This allows its mesh structure to penetrate and engage the clot, which is removed along with stent retrieving, allowing for quick restoration of blood flow.

It features a composite mesh design consisting of two meshes with different opening sizes arranged in a staggered spiral pattern. Through the expansion and contraction of the two meshes, the stent provides effective wall apposition in the tortuous intracranial vasculature. Furthermore, the composite mesh design can create a consistent “3D ripple” pattern that enables better penetration and engagement, thereby improving the ability of clot capture.

Mr. Zhiyong Xie, President of MicroPort NeuroTech™, said, “Large vessel occlusions are a kind of severe acute ischemic stroke that can induce significant cerebral infarction with severe sequelae and a high mortality. Neurohawk® is the first clot stent retriever launched by MicroPort NueroTech™, as well as the first NMPA-approved product in our total solution for acute ischemic stroke treatment. We are excited that Neurohawk® will help more patients who are suffering from acute ischemic stroke to regain their health. Meanwhile, MicroPort NeuroTech™ will continue to improve its portfolio of products for hemorrhage stroke, acute ischemia stroke and cerebral atherosclerotic stenosis, and provide more top-quality, accessible and comprehensive solutions for stroke treatment.”

In terms of visibility, Neurohawk® is equipped with enhanced full visualization. It features three radiopaque markers on the distal end and three radiopaque wires in the main part of the stent, making it easier for physicians to observe the deployment and engagement of the stent, which helps determine the nature of the thrombus and identify appropriate techniques to remove the clot. In terms of compatibility, the entire portfolio of Neurohawk®— including the 6mm large diameter stent—can be delivered using a 0.021" microcatheter, especially useful in complex procedures where various specifications are required.

About MicroPort NeuroTech Limited

MicroPort NeuroTech Limited is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK). Founded in 2012, MicroPort NeuroTech™ is a high-end medical device company focused on neuro-intervention, that provides a range of neuro-interventional products to treat a variety of brain conditions. In the future, MicroPort NeuroTech™ will invest more resources in innovation and development to provide more quality and innovative solutions for cerebrovascular and neuro interventions for doctors and patients at home and abroad.