MicroPort NeuroTech Officially Opened

Dec 12, 2012, Shanghai -- MicroPort NeuroTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as MicroPort NeuroTech) located in Shanghai International Medical Zone, was officially opened. The Group President: Ms. Yan Zhang, CFO: Mr. Hongbin Sun, CTO: Mr. Qiyi Luo, CMO: Mr. Bo Peng, and Senior Vice President of manufacturing and operation: Mr. Kongrong Karl Pan were in attendence. Mr. Zhiyong Xie, General Manager, addressed the ceremony, encouraging all employees to work hard in contributing toward the future success of this new enterprise and development of the MicroPort NeuroTech platform. Group Executive Committee members and general managers inaugurated the new office building and discussed the future development and products pipeline of the company.
MicroPort NeuroTech's APOLLO is the first intracranial arterial stent system produced in China and it has achieved 65% domestic market share. Also, the WILLIS™ intracranial stent graft system is the first Chinese designed and manufactured stent for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. WILLIS™ is expected to be approved by SFDA during the first quarter 2013. WILLIS™ clinical application research project "MRA Imaging of Cerebral Aneurysm and Associated Vascular and Interventional Treatment" was awarded first prize by the Ministry of Education for 'Science and Technology Progress' 2012. In addition, the new generation product: Tubridge™, a revascularization device for the treatment of large intracranial aneurysms, is under development, with multi-center, randomized, and controlled clinical trials already begun. Also, Microport NeuroTech is pursuing several other cutting-edge projects. Mr. Bo Peng, CMO of the Group and Executive Director said "I hope that all of the employees grow with the Company and make the Company from nothing to something big through hard working."
MicroPort NeuroTech is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical devices for the treatment of central nervous system related vascular diseases. At present, the enterprise has obtained 31 invention patents, and 11 utility model patents. In addition, the company is undertaking the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program in the field of Risk Factors Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Cerebral Vascular Disease.