MicroPort® NeuroTech Participates in 2021 OCIN as Tubridge® Used in Over 5,000 Clinical Cases

Shanghai, China, 4 November 2021 — Shanghai MicroPort NeuroTech Co., Ltd. (MicroPort® NeuroTech) recently participated in the 2021 Oriental Conference of Interventional Neurovascology (OCIN) and the Annual Meeting of Shanghai Medical Association Stroke Society, holding a session to mark the milestone of the Tubridge® Vascular Reconstruction Device (Tubridge®) being used in 5,000 clinical cases. The session attracted many researchers and experts in the field of neurointervention, who shared their vision on the future development of neurointerventional surgery.

Approved for marketing in March 2018, Tubridge® is an innovative medical device by MicroPort® NeuroTech as a result of 12 years of independent development. It is the first domestically-made densely-braided stent that applies the concept of flow diversion. Instead of relying on conventional intracapsular interventions for aneurysms, the Tubridge® is able to alter the flow pattern within the aneurysm by applying the principles of hemodynamics, allowing endothelial cells to grow along the stent-graft and gradually repair the aneurysmal neck, thus eliminating the ‘ticking bomb’ in the brain.

Professor Jianmin Liu, from the Changhai Hospital of Shanghai, said, “The 5,000 reported cases from across China featuring the Tubridge® Vascular Reconstruction Device are a true testimony to the strengths that this product has demonstrated in its clinical study in the past three years. They will also provide a very important basis for the continuous improvement of subsequent products.”

During OCIN 2021, MicroPort® NeuroTech successfully held a number of satellite sessions and workshops focusing on the theme of ‘Innovation at OCIN’. Neurointerventional experts from across China presented and shared cases based on the clinical application of a number of products developed by MicroPort® NeuroTech in the field of intracranial hemorrhage and ischemia.

About MicroPort® NeuroTech

Shanghai MicroPort NeuroTech Co., Ltd (MicroPort® NeuroTech) is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK). Founded in 2012, MicroPort® NeuroTech is a high-end medical device company focused on neuro-intervention that provides a range of neuro-interventional products to treat a variety of brain conditions. As one of the first medical device companies that focus on neurointerventional therapy in China, MicroPort® NeuroTech has been committed to the innovative research and development of high-end devices in the field of neurointervention since its establishment, and has been continuously improving the product portfolio of stroke intervention.