MicroPort NeuroTech™ Showcased at the 2023 World Live Neurovascular Conference

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18 May 2023 - Recently, the World Live Neurovascular Conference (WLNC) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. MicroPort NeuroTech™ was invited to participate and showcased a variety of innovative neurointerventional products, attracting many top global experts in the neurointervention field to visit and exchange ideas. The WLNC-OCIN 2023 International Symposium and "OCIN LIVE" Launch Conference were also held in Shanghai during the same period. The resonance of the products with experts and scholars from both conferences highlighted that MicroPort NeuroTech™'s products are crossing geographical boundaries and are increasingly being understood and recognized by neurointerventional medical teams around the world.

As one of the largest and most international neurointervention conferences in the world, WLNC attracted many experts in the field of neurointervention from around the world. During the conference, internationally renowned neurointervention teams from China, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Istanbul, and many other places presented over 20 complex and exciting live and recorded cases, which were thoroughly analyzed and discussed by dozens of both on-site and online experts. During the morning of the conference, Dr. Daniel Abud and Dr. Charbel Mounayer’s team presented a complex recorded case of left ICA stenosis with a growing aneurysm in the left MCA. They used the NUMEN™ coil embolization system to treat the aneurysm. The case went smoothly and the NUMEN™ coil’s excellent softness and efficient embolization ability were fully demonstrated, receiving recognition from both online and offline experts.

This was the first time that MicroPort NeuroTech™ had independently exhibited at WLNC, attracting top neurointervention experts from around the world to the booth, including Dr. Raúl Nogueira, Dr. Demétrius Lopes, Dr. Guilherme Dabus, Dr. Victor Mendes Pereira, and Dr. Boris Pabón, who learned about the brain vascular disease solutions exhibited. Dr. Eduardo Wairich, who performed NUMEN™ coil’s first implantation in Brazil, also visited the booth and shared product-use experiences with the staff. Dr. Eduardo Wairich expressed his recognition of MicroPort NeuroTech™ products and his anticipation for the upcoming launch of the U-track™ intracranial support catheter system in Brazil. Currently, Minimally Invasive Brain Science™ has completed the first implantation of NUMEN™ coil and the APOLLO™ intracranial arterial stent system in Brazil by top Brazilian neurointervention teams.

During the conference, the WLNC-OCIN 2023 International Symposium and the "OCIN LIVE" Launch Meeting, jointly created by WLNC and OCIN, were held synchronously in Shanghai, which corresponded to the foreign venue. MicroPort NeuroTech™ conducted three major thematic series of activities, including satellite meetings, live surgeries, and case reviews, inviting Professor Liu Jianmin's team from Shanghai Changhai Hospital to jointly present an exciting academic collaboration.

During the satellite session hosted by MicroPort NeuroTech™, Professor Zhao Rui from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital reviewed and analyzed the results of the IMPACT clinical trial and mid-term analysis of the Trace-IA study and proposed unique insights on improving the quality of flow-diverting device treatment. In addition, Professor Zhang Lei from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital gave a detailed explanation on the treatment of vertebral artery origin stenosis, focusing on the product performance, safety, and treatment effect of the Bridge™ vertebral artery rapamycin-eluting stent.

Professor Liu Jianmin's team from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital used the NUMEN™ coil embolization system with stent assistance for coil embolization surgery, which was broadcasted live during the conference. During the same-day surgery review session, Professor Dai Dongwei from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital also shared a case of treating aneurysms with the Tubridge™ flow-diverting mesh stent, explaining that the patient showed good postoperative results and significant symptom improvement during telephone follow-up.

Through the simultaneous appearance in leading academic exchange activities at home and abroad, MicroPort NeuroTech™ connected advanced technology in the global neurointervention field, leading innovative, and Chinese-made products from Shanghai to the world. In the future, MicroPort NeuroTech™ will continue to pay attention to the development trends of cutting-edge academic technology, strengthen in-depth cooperation with international leading companies, constantly enrich product portfolio and sales networks, build an international innovation platform, and strive to provide integrated solutions for more patients with cerebrovascular diseases worldwide.

About MicroPort NeuroTech™

Founded in Shanghai in 2012, MicroPort NeuroTech Limited (“MicroPort NeuroTech™”), a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (“MicroPort®”, stock code: 00853.HK), is committed to the research and development of high-end medical devices in the field of neurological interventional treatment. Currently, our solutions support 134 cerebrovascular stenting procedures every day. In the future, MicroPort NeuroTech™ will invest more resources in innovation and development to provide more high-quality and innovative cerebrovascular and neuro intervention solutions for doctors and patients.

More information is available at www.medneurotech.com.