MicroPort New-Power Summer Camp 2012 Initiated

Shanghai, July 13, 2012--The Fifth MicroPort New-Power Summer Camp was initiated. 30 students, coming from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Stanford University, Donghua University and other famous universities domestically and abroad, will spend four weeks in MicroPort Scientific Corporation in different departments including R&D, Quality Control, Registry, and Engineering. Students will be assigned with mentors who are excellent employees in MicroPort.
Responsibility and Love is the theme of this Summer Camp. The main focus will be on company culture including social responsibilities in the group training. On opening ceremony, internships and their tutors announced each of their research project and detailed internship schedule. In order to help these students to transform their attitudes of being a student to a professional employee, Qinqin Liu, Senior Director of HR, gave a presentation on Career Development, which focused on self-position, career planning, attitude adjustment and other widely discussed topics.