MicroPort Obtained SHFDA Approval for Firepower™ Y-type Connector Suit

On June 3, MicroPort Surgical Accessories Division received the registration certificate for its Y-type connector set Firepower™ from ShangHai Food and Drug Administration (SHFDA).
Firepower™ set includes Y-type sealing connector, plastic device, reversing guide wire. The Y-type sealing connector is connected to the proximal end of the guiding catheter which prevents blood leakage. In addition, it provides various liquid delivery channels for intravascular catheter and guide wire out of the guiding catheter. The Y-shaped seal has two controlling methods: push and rotary, which provides options for physicians. Plastic device serves as auxiliary guide wire for remote control. Reversing guide wire helps better movement of guide wire in the vessel. The combination of these three accessories enables easy maneuvering in the tortious lesion vessel.