MicroPort® Online "Life Line Live" Officially Launched

Shanghai, China – The network service platform "Life Line Live" (www.1o2o.com) of MicroPort Online Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co (“MicroPort® Online”), a subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®"), was officially launched during the Third International Conference on Health and Internet of Things & the Inaugural Meeting of the Shanghai Health Alliance Networking, hosted by MicroPort® and Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association in Shanghai on March 30.
Utilizing the latest concepts and technologies of the Connected Health, the platform "Life Line Live" aims to provide medical service tailored to the individual patient and deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor's office. The platform fully leverages MicroPort®'s strength by combining its professional medical service with advanced IT technologies related to the Internet, the Internet of Things, and Big Data Processing Analytics.
The service of the "Life Line Live" covers five areas including Personalized Medicine, Tele-medicine, Medical Education, Rehabilitation Management and Medical Big Data, and the first three of them are already online. Its Personalized Medicine service will offer surgical plans tailored to the individual patient based on the Patient Case Management System ("PCMS"). The Tele-medicine service will enable doctors or patients to obtain remote clinical healthcare, tele-consultation and real-time intraoperative guidance, so as to allow those in less-developed areas to enjoy high-quality medical resources. The service of Medical Education will provide users with operation live broadcasting or recorded broadcasting, and online training video/audio documents.
Alan Sun, the General Manager of MicroPort® Online, said that the "Life Line Live" platform is expected to offer safe, convenient and precise medical service to patients by breaking through the limitations of the traditional patterns of health service seeking, and promoting the Hierarchical Medical System that aims to improve services at county- and township-level health centers.
Meanwhile, MicroPort® initiated the launch of the Committee of Precise Intervention & Implantation Medicine during the conference. The committee is consisted of intervention and implantation medical device manufacturers, professional providers of 3D reconstruction of medical images, and Internet medicine related companies. Currently its members include MicroPort® and several of its subsidiaries, China Mobile, Nanjing Fujitsu, and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.
The committee focuses on providing high-end personalized medical service to patients, based on the "Life Line Live" platform of MicroPort® Online. Listed as one of the three professional committees of Shanghai Health Alliance Networking, the Committee of Precise Intervention & Implantation Medicine will work closely with the other two committees to provide precise, convenient and safe medical service to patients and doctors.
During the forum on Precise Intervention & Implantation Medicine, Dr. Yiyong Sun, President of Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co ("MicroPort® EP"), delivered a speech on mobile ECG monitoring, introducing the EP ECG patch to the audience and analyzing the development trend of ECG monitoring in the Internet era. Other representatives from the committee members also shared cutting-edge technologies in the field of the Healthcare Internet of Things, such as techniques and material of 3D Printing and Cardiac Intelligent Simulation technologies.