MicroPort® Orthopedics Aspiration Medial Stability Total Knee Replacement System – PS Type Implant Obtains Approval in China

Shanghai, China – Suzhou MicroPort Joint MedTech Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), obtained the registration certificate for Aspiration Medial Stability Total Knee Replacement System – PS Type Implant from National Medical Products Administration of China (NMPA) on January 9. It is the first approval granted for MicroPort® Orthopedics' domestically manufactured total knee replacement system, which will bring a more comprehensive total knee replacement solution to the Chinese patients suffering from degenerative knee diseases and provide the surgeons with more product offerings.
With a rapidly aging population growth and significant improvement in people's living standard, the incidence rate of degenerative knee diseases is gradually increasing. Statistics show that the number of total knee replacements is expected to total 400,000 cases in China by 2020. However, some researches indicated that nearly 20% of patients were not satisfied with the effect of traditional total knee replacement, mainly due to post-operative knee instability. The Aspiration Medial Stability Total Knee Replacement System – PS Type Implant combined the post-cam design of PS implant and the unique and innovative highly bionic medial stabilized ball-in-socket design of MicroPort® Orthopedics. It not only provides a wider range of joint motion and more reliable wear resistance, but also restores the kinematics of normal knees and maintains their stability in motion, which makes the post-operative kinematic features and patients' gaits more natural. As a result, the patients' satisfaction level will become higher.
Since 1998, the MicroPort® first generation medial pivot TKA has been marketed in the United States. With 20 years of successful clinical results and over 600,000 cases globally, medial pivot knee announced its excellent implant survivorship (98.8%) and patient satisfaction(95%) over 17 years follow-up. MicroPort® patented unique innovative medial pivot system features a ball-in-socket joint design, which is established on a clinically approved successful design. With the stability at the medial side and the balanced movement at the lateral side, the mechanics and kinematics of normal knee can be restored. As a result, the patients feel more comfortable and almost have a "forgotten" knee.
MicroPort® Orthopedics China President Robin Weng said, "The approval of the first domestically manufactured Aspiration total knee replacement system marks an additional improvement in MicroPort® Orthopedics' product portfolio of domestically made joints. We will always adhere to the MicroPort® mission of 'Innovating relentlessly to commercialize the best yet affordable therapeutic solutions to save, reshape or improve the patients' lives', and commit to the R&D and promotion of new techniques, rationales and products in the field of orthopedics, so as to have more Chinese patients benefit from our best yet affordable therapeutic solutions."