MicroPort® Orthopedics at the 13th Annual Congress of the Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (CAOS 2021)

Chengdu, China, 07 June 2021 — MicroPort® Orthopedics recently participated in the 13th Annual Congress of the Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (CAOS 2021) to showcase its total medical solutions for hip, knee, spine and trauma therapies. CAOS 2021, hosted by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, was held in Chengdu on May 20-23.

At the congress, MicroPort® Orthopedics highlighted its proprietary SuperPATH® and AnteriorPATH™ technologies via product demonstrations, surgical videos, and instrument demonstrations, drawing positive clinical feedback from experts and wide attention from industry observers.

Referring to the hip joint replacement technique developed by MicroPort® Orthopedics, Prof. Hao Jianxue of the Baoding No. 1 Hospital said in a special session on the hip joint that, “the technique is truly minimally invasive and in line with the philosophy of rapid recovery in contemporary orthopedics.”

SuperPATH® is the world’s first minimally invasive rapid recovery hip arthroplasty technique with 17 years of rich clinical application experience. It allows for switching to the traditional posterolateral approach at any time, using small incisions measuring 6-8 centimeters to perform the hip replacement. This avoids the cutting of four to five tendons around hip joints, which is common in traditional procedures, while preserving the intact soft tissues to the greatest extent.

AnteriorPATH™ is the world’s first minimally invasive rapid recovery anterior approach hip arthroplasty technique introduced by MicroPort® in 2019, which shortens the incision to 6-8 cm long, while retaining the advantages of the direct anterior lateral approach (DAA). This reduces the risk of common complications of DAA, such as lateral femoral cutaneous nerve injury, and better preserves soft tissues. Both original hip replacement procedures, independently developed by MicroPort® Orthopedics, can significantly improve the post-operative effectiveness and satisfaction of patients, who are able to get back to their feet as quickly as 30 minutes post-surgery.

During the parallel sessions, orthopedic experts also had in-depth discussions on MicroPort® Orthopedics product research and development, market development and other related issues. Prof. Chai Wei, from the PLA General Hospital, commented on the design principles of MicroPort® Orthopedics medial-pivot knee systems in a special session on the knee joint, noting that, “the medial-pivot knee simulates normal knee joint movement, with an in vivo effect comparable to human physiological kinematics.”

In the future, MicroPort® Orthopedics will continue to further strengthen communication and exchange with doctors through academic platforms such as the CAOS congress, listen to the clinical needs and suggestions of front-line doctors, continuously improve and optimize product performance, and provide patients with high-quality total medical solutions for orthopedics.

About MicroPort® Orthopedics

MicroPort® Orthopedics is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK). Underpinned by the core strengths of innovative design and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, MicroPort® Orthopedics has provided a variety of high-quality and affordable treatment solutions to patients in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, offering joint products that have already benefited nearly 1.4 million patients globally to date.